Hundreds of people from different countries of the world have now united in saying thank you to those who, from the very first day of the pandemic, and despite everything, have been saving the lives of others – the medics. As a symbol for their dedication, they were presented with special flowers that will never fade.

While they were working in the “red zones”, flowers bloomed on the canvases. All of them are intended to be given to the medics here and abroad. Artists and everybody else who are grateful to medics could show their support and give them a flower bouquet. No matter if it was done through a painting or photo, the main point is that this beautiful gratitude will turn into actions.

“We never believed that we would reach that amount. It is more than 6 million, almost 7 million rubles that were collected. This is a record for charity auctions since April. As it happen, when the amount reached became clearer, we felt that it was necessary to help both doctors and artists. This is a record amount, and we are glad that it was collected “ – said Olga Sviblova, director of the Multimedia Art Museum.

Irina Korina, Greenhouse in the Botanical Garden red palm), 2020

This simple action, one that everyone could do to say thank you to medics, and eventually support artists, has turned into global action.

“It was not even a question, these people deserved to be help back, every possible one, ” says artist Dmitry Gutov.

Thousands of pictures have appeared on social networks under the hashtag #FlowersForMedics, #Flowers4Medics and #FlowerForDoctors. The idea received a tremendous response.

“There was an impeccable selection of works, a lot of high-level works. Decisions on what to buy weren’t easy. The auction included three works by Viktor Pivovarov, whom we love very much and that we bought. It was a good chance to help and join.”  –  collector Alexei Priyma

An exhibition of the works was launched as part of the XIII Moscow International Month of Photography «Photobiennale – 2020, at The Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow. A charity auction following the exhibition was also sold out, with donations being made towards hospitals and artists in need. With the help of the “Malevich IO” site, all the paintings were sold under the hammer.

Philip Colbert, Flower study from the Lobster Land Museum (Yellow, white, magenta, blue), 2020

60% of the funds raised at the “Flowers for Medics” auction will be transferred to the fund of the 31st City Clinical Hospital, and will go to targeted assistance to doctors and medical personnel who worked in the “red zone”.

“For us it was a war, when we left our relatives, families and went to work, not knowing sometimes what we would face ,” said Marina Anisimova, head of the therapy department at City Clinical Hospital No. 31.

The 31st hospital, which as a half-century of history, was one of the first to be converted to help patients with coronavirus.

“The “Flowers for medics” event was organized by Olga Sviblova. We are very grateful to her for this. Most of the hospital staff, including myself, visited the exhibition and received tremendous pleasure from the works exhibited there, ” said Elena Platonov.


“What matters is not the amount you contribute, but the thought, desire, and what moves you. Today, there is so much rigidity in our world that this softness is very touching ,” said Reikhan Kasimova, the trustee of MAMM and co-founder of the .ART domain.

Alexander Vinogradov & Vladimir Dubossarky, Butterfly, 2001

“Flowers for Medics” is the same example when a good idea comes to two people at the same time. Back in the spring, the Kasimov Family decided to thank the doctors by creating an artwork. Not too long after, it turned out that Olga Sviblova had the same idea.

“Initially, we named this picture as Hope.  Hope, and then Olga Lvovna came up with Flowers for Medics, ” says Kasimova.

Recently, the painting “The Hope“, which started the movement “Flowers for Medics” by the Kasimov family was gifted to the state hospital in Kommunarka, receiving a letter of gratitude by the department of healthcare of Moscow. It marked the culmination of the campaign Reikhan Kasimova, co-founder of .ART, launched in spring 2020.

“This is very important. Any art is a tool against burnout. Thank you, this picture, I think, will take an important place, ” said Denis Protsenko, head physician of the clinic in Kommunarka.


“Based on this picture, we have already made handkerchief masks which you can also give away, ” said Ulvi Kasimov, a collector, founder of the .ART domain.

All the flowers of the action will wait for their heroes when they return from the “red zones”. But the main thing is that they will receive help and attention right now.
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