Generative Gallery ( is a digital and media art gallery that works in several areas: exhibitions and sales, special projects online, and educational programs. Since its launch in 2018, Generative Gallery has been expanding digital art shows potential and offering the experience of interaction with new media.

The idea of launching Generative Gallery belongs to Ivan Nefedkin, the founder and creative director of Radugadesign multimedia design studio, in the mid-2010s when the digital art market wasn’t yet shaped. The focus of the gallery is to expand digital art exhibitions potential at physical spaces and claim the presence of digital art within the art scene.

The first Generative Gallery’s exhibition took place at the MARS Center in 2018. At that moment a community associated with the project already started to form: artists with whom the Gallery continues to work till today, such as László Zsolt Bordos, Daniel Rossa, MAOTIK, AUJIK and others, took part in that exhibition. Afterwards the project was put on hold, but in 2021, with the NFT hype and increasing interest in digital art, the team of the Gallery revived the project and since then has realized more than 10 international exhibitions.

Generative Gallery doesn’t limit itself to standart exhibition formats. Since its establishment, the team  has organized immersive exhibitions, exhibited digital art on large scale media facades, participated in art fairs with phygital objects, conducted research on digital art market, curated an educational program on the theme of media art. 

The geography of the projects of Generative Gallery is truly broad, including Dubai and Israel and online projects that are not connected to a specific location. Initially, the Gallery was launched as a network, community of artists, curators, and other digital art professionals. Physical venue was not that important, the majority of the projects took place at the venues of their partners. From the very beginning, Generative Gallery has relied on partnerships and collaborations with the other galleries, museums, exhibitions or other public spaces: for example, ToDa (Theatre of Digital Art) in Dubai, and museum in Ramat Gan, Israel. Currently the team of the Gallery is considering acquiring their own gallery space.

Generative Gallery has experience and expertise in multimedia and CG. They are familiar with the processes of large complex projects and are willing to take on a variety of formats for the realization of digital art. The team knows a lot of artists personally. Having set a high bar, they are carefully selecting the artists they collaborate with.

The team of the Generative Gallery feels that the .ART domain zone in case of provides more than just an online address:

For sure the .ART domain may provide more than just an online address for the Generative Gallery. It’s like being a part of a global art community and making phygital art more visible on the art scene. We are happy to be a part of it!

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