Harry Styles goes big for Harryween.

Halloween was a bit early this year in New York’s Madison Square Garden, and the reason is simple Harryween sold-out concerts. The fans came dressed up, and Harry didn’t want to be left behind either than his band. The first night it is dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz that he showed up on stage, with the crew completing the scene. The second night, he sported a billowing harlequin clown costume. Harryween raised to the bar of being a lot more than a fancy dress party.

Actor Kal Pen is engaged and tell all about it in his memoirs.

Kal Pen is best known for his role as Kumar in Harrold, and Kumar has written his memoirs. You Can’t Be Serious is coming out on the shelves soon, and it also includes some critical personal revelations, including his 11 years relationship with Josh, to whom he is engaged! Pen surprised everybody when he took a two-year sabbatical to join the Obama White House’s Office of Public Engagement. He worked as a liaison with young Americans and members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. This is also where he met the former Obama staffer who became his partner.
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Even football players love Halloween.

While football has been in the news all the time this week, it is due to the Halloween spirits of the players. Many players arrived at their game in full costume, from Sack Reaper to Wizard Kelly, Squid Game Guard, Chuky and more. Some, if not wearing outfits, opted for a more subtle reference with special spooky shoes.