.ART embarked on new territories last year when it powered Ars Electronica’s online exhibition component for the first time in its festival’s long history. We were proud of our presence, reiterating this year, pushing further how online exhibitions can shape up. Our mission remains to support the artistic community, protect and strengthen its members’ digital identity, and generate value from art. This is what drives us in fostering partnerships and developing new tools contributing to connecting tech, art and finance – digitally, with a human-centric approach. 

 .ART aims to be the facilitator and a valuable solution seeker so that our community can deploy its creativity with ease and using simple but highly efficient tools. The .ART Digital Twin solution has made some noise in the past year, earning its patent as well as proving its enduring quality. It isn’t surprising that many artists elected to create a certificate using this solution to immortalize their participation in Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery – ConcreteHouse.ART. We selected some of the highlights to bring to our audience’s attention.  

London-based multidisciplinary artist Uli Ap investigates technology and its relationships with society and science. For his participation in ConcreteHouse.ART, he introduces the audience to Yellow Alienation No.1, as a Digital Twin. This is one example of what Uli describes as physical experience colliding into the digital realm, creating destabilizing images.

Ap is followed by fellow artist Handi Behrič from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is with not one but two .ART Digital Twins that Behrič introduces his works; SEED IN LOVE FOR YOU and Absolute – Creator LIVINGS IDEAS. His art questions the state of creativity in today’s world, where digital, artificial intelligence merges into the so-called real life. With this in mind, he hopes that, into the future and the opportunities for rebirth that it will bring can emerge “a new strain of art, morality and wonders.”  

Not far behind is a timely work VOX AETERNA – The COVID Variations by Rafael Bresciani, a sound and media artist coming from Pietrasanta in Italy. As he describes, “in my practice, I am driven by themes that deal with the relationship of the individual and the environment that surrounds and influences the perceived reality and the creation of the self.” VOX AETERNA – THE COVID VARIATIONS is a series of audiovisual pieces created after the sonification of COVID-19 mortality data at some chosen countries during 2020.  

It is with her .ART Digital Twin The Ring, that visual artist Anabela Costa is participating in the 2021 edition of Ars Electronica.ART Global Gallery ConcreteHouse.ART. In her own words, “The blue, full of depth, from which all discourses related to human nature can emerge, transforms the gaze into a magical universe, the ring reinforces the blue as a symbol of depth perfection, a symbol of the divine.”.  

Meanwhile, artist Kamel Ghabte is bringing the viewer down a rabbit hole of an infinite kiss loop in the .ART Digital Twin piece INFINITY KISS. It is inspired by the love between humans and the digital realm- software and pixel – that this work, created by algorithms, finds its inception.  

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This never-ending piece is followed by the work of Austin Miller, The Middle Way. Miller is a photographer, painter, designer and collage artist heading from Houston, Texas. The Middle Way compounds Miller’s several interests and multidisciplinary practice as it combines photography, drawing, photo editing, and 3D forms made in Form-Z. 

Behind Zoran Poposki’s work, Brotherhood & Unity in Space is a much broader project titled Soc-Futurism (2021). It takes the form of an NFT artwork, which investigates the “unique legacy of Socialist Modernism as developed in former Yugoslavia, from the 1950s to the country’s bloody dissolution in the 1990’s”. The artworks created within this project are shining a light on the WW2 victims of the former Yugoslavia.  

It is to Fragment of Self that QinTheory has dedicated her first .ART Digital Twin. The piece is described as: “In 2016, I terminated my chapter in physics, a degree that had taught me the methods and mental models to question nature. My thirsty curiosity had led me to dive deeper into the boundless world of the unknown, following my quest for the ultimate reality of nature and consciousness. Fragments of Self, to my fearless 23-year-old self on a journey to wholeness.”


Last but not least, Leo Zeba introduces us to #DeleteInstagram – San Francisco 006 (Gen 10), a digital artwork based on an image from his Instagram feed created by code-processed digital photography. The piece showcases the world-renowned and more than Instagram famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. Zeba is a Brazilian artist whose art practice involves the appropriation and reconstitution of code and data as primary resources.  

Explore the full scope of talent! ConcreteHouse.ART is presented till September 23rd 2021. To learn more about it, .ART team invites you to read Ars Electronica .ART Gallery x VR-All-Art Present: ConcreteHouse.art Virtual Exhibition on our blog or visit the show directly at ConcreteHouse.ART