How to Create a logo in 5 Minutes or 8 Best Online Logo Designers

Have you just started your business or your online presence? Need a logo but don't know where to start? Here are our best recommendations to create your logo with online designer!

The relevance of the selection of the best online logo designers is due to the reasons that will follow: today, it is impossible to imagine a company that wants to promote itself on the web and which does not have a logo. Besides that, this is a brand name that will distinguish your company from others like it. It will be remembered by customers and associated with you.

In this regard, every business owner has a question: where to get a logo? There are several options here. You can contact a designer or professional Agency (most often, the logo is part of the identity development work). This is an ideal option if your business needs its own unique brand.

However, the business owner often has a limited budget or no time (or both) to first look for the performer, and then wait for the result from him. In this case, it is possible to make the logo yourself with the help of special services. In most cases, this will take a maximum of half an hour and zero dollars.

In this article, you will find eight of the simplest and most popular logo designers.

TOP 8 online logo designers
Let’s get acquainted with online logo designers. Most of them have a number of free features.

This is a very well-known service that you can use to create designs, infographics, and logos, among other things. It’s easy to work, you don’t need to download anything to your computer: everything is available in the browser window.

Just create an account, select a template from the library of ready-made designs, edit it, and save the finished logo.

There are free templates and paid ones – prices start from $ 1.

The logo editor is very simple. Even a child can handle it. But please note that the service does not work through the Opera browser, so you should use Google Chrome instead.

This is a simple logo maker that works according to the standard scheme: open the generator, choose the appropriate template, color, edit and get a ready-made brand name.

You can download a simple image with the logo for free. To get high-resolution sources with a transparent background, access to fonts, and icon gallery, you need to pay. The cheapest rate is 24.99 USD (one-time payment).

LogoMakThis service can be used as a lifesaver for developing a brand name. You then want to create it yourself or assign the task to the designer. It will select the right color and font for your logo based on the industry and associations you specify. The optimal color and font is already half the success.

In principle, if you want a logo in the form of an inscription, then you will get a ready-made solution at the output. It remains only to finalize the details.

GenLogoThis service provides professional templates that are designed by designers. You just need to choose the appropriate one and edit it for yourself (as in other services).

A distinctive feature of the service is a large selection of templates and their quality.

You can create a logo for free, but to download it, you need to pay 10 USD.

UcraftYou can create websites, landing pages, and online stores on the Ucraft platform. But they also have a tool for creating a logo, and it is completely free.

The designer here is a bit more complicated – you are not offered ready-made logos, as in the previous one. For example, here you need to show imagination and design a logo from icons, shapes, and text. Then choose a color. The finished logo can be downloaded in PNG or SVG format.

TurbologTurbologo is another service that promises to help you create a logo in just two minutes. You can play with fonts, layouts, and colors for free. After that, you have to pay to download the file (when you have finished everything and decided it was done).

1 file without the possibility of editing costs $19.

7 high-resolution files and a month of access to editing costs $39.

It will cost $99 for a “Business” plan, which you can use not only to edit files in high resolution, but also to have access to the options for social networks, and even connect with a professional designer.

GraphicSpringsYou can create a logo for free, and the designer is available to everyone. Working with the ad Builder is as simple as the previous ones: just select a template, edit it, select the color and font, and you’re done.

You can download your logo only by paying 19.99 USD.

SmashingLogoSmashingLogo is an English-language service for creating logos (there are also Spanish and German versions). To get a ready-made logo, you need to pay $49.

When the finished logo will be ready for use both on the site and on social networks, you will receive all the source files and round-the-clock technical support.

As you can see, you can easily create a logo on your own, in just a few minutes. But as for saving money – most services are “shareware”, meaning that you will still need to pay a minimum amount. In the end, you will get not an original, but a standard solution, which may not reflect 100% of the features of your business. If your budget is limited, try it.

In principle, each of these services are very easy to use and have a large set of ready-made templates. We suggest you focus on the best price for the source files.

We hope you find inspiration to create your dream logo after reading this!

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