SUBJECTIVE (, located in a 14,000 sq foot building in TriBeCa at 393 Broadway, New York, is an artist-led creative collective that curates and produces IRL art experiences. The mission of SUBJECTIVE is to accelerate the connectivity between artists, musicians, creative technologists, and art collectors through curated experiences, workshops, and residency programs. SUBJECTIVE functions as a physical and digital community of international artists, collectors, and organizations which provides easy access to create, collaborate, and showcase digital art. Artists who are invited to be a part of SUBJECTIVE get the opportunity to experiment with new mediums and collaborate with the other artists on new artworks.

SUBJECTIVE  is organized as a DAO which grants holders of the membership pass with the ability to steer the direction of the collective by voting on proposals. Members of SUBJECTIVE participate in an exclusive selection of artists who are displayed in the gallery. Next to it members of Subjective have full access to the studios and resources available. Membership includes access to exhibitions, immersive experiences, workshops, networking events, promotional support.

Daria Kravchuk of .ART Domains sat down with Dotan Negrin, the Founder of SUBJECTIVE.ART to discuss their mission of fostering connectivity and curating immersive art experiences.

When was Subjective launched and what was the main factor, which inspired you to initiate it in the first place? 

We have been very much in our beta pre-launch phase. Our goal has been to launch officially in September. And so in the last six months to a year, we’ve been very much in development, doing a lot of experiments, hosting and developing the community. We launched that portion about a year ago as well as the website. And then in January, we went really heavy on community development, which means  hosting all forms of artists from painters, musicians, dancers, showcasing new and interesting digital art. Our focus has really been on multidisciplinary artists – artists who use a variety of mediums, modalities, artists who are interested in exploring new methods, and new mediums as well. And that really has been the basis for our development. We were working on bringing together artists and collectors together to crowdfund and to create more of these exhibitions for multidisciplinary artists.

Could you tell me a little bit about the model of Subjective? It seems to be membership-based. What does it include? 

Our system functions in a way like a crowdfunding model. We bring together our collectors who are eager and excited to get involved in creating exhibitions for their artists. We pair those people with  artists that are actively releasing and creating art. Essentially our model is to crowdfund through memberships, crowdfund in order  to produce the exhibitions in New York City and around the world as well and to foster the development of the industry of digital art.

What are your future plans and some of the  upcoming projects?

Right now our focus is certainly New York, but as we develop and as we grow, the goal is to eventually be able to do events in Art Basel, in Miami, in Hong Kong, in other locations, which is really dependent upon our growth and our numbers. The membership is to help guide where we’re going. We have a voting mechanism, a governance system. 

Is this also how the artists are being selected to the platform? Because it doesn’t seem like there is a curatorial board.

The members will be helpful in terms of determining which artists are selected. In terms of the curatorial board, they will be a part of that.

It  seems that it will be a very big community, the decision making might  take quite some time. Are you planning to have a very strict mechanism of how to make it efficient?

Some collectors want to come along the journey, but they don’t necessarily want to be actively involved. We’re essentially creating a tiered system so that people who do want to be more involved are able to and those that can sit back and join the journey. In terms of understanding which artists and curatorial, there’s just different levels to that.

What are the specificities of your physical location? 

I’ve been in this neighbourhood for a very long time and I’ve seen the neighborhood change into what it is today, which is this amazing gallery district with over 50 galleries . It’s such a great place to be when it comes to art. We’re surrounded by all these blue chip galleries. It’s a fantastic place for art, especially physical art, not so much digital art. Our goal was  to find a way to establish ourselves as the place for digital art in Tribeca in New York. 

Your digital presence exists within the .ART realm. Why do you think it’s important for you to be on .ART?

.ART is great because it gets to the point. The domain is the initial point in which people see a brand or a company. Being able to distinguish ourselves as .ART is extraordinary because it immediately sends a message – we deal with art, we are an art institution, we are involved in art. I bought a bunch of the other domain names, but this was eventually the one that we chose because I thought it got us to the point. And then it’s subjective art. This play on words works. It speaks of our individuality and the idea that there are no rules when it comes to art. There is a lot of overthinking when it comes to art. In my belief art is what it is, it is what you make of it. And SUBJECTIVE stands for that.

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