Louvre and HTC recreate Mona Lisa in 3D

Scientists recreated the 3D model of Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Mona Lisa sits on a chair next to a full-size painting

Taiwanese tech giant HTC founded Vive Arts back in 2017, and now they have come together with the ‘Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass’ project. Mona Lisa was recreated in virtual reality for the largest Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in the history, which is now being held by the Louvre.

In one of the halls where the portrait of Mona Lisa is located, a stand with 11Mona VR glasses was installed. Any visitor can wear them and see her in virtual reality.

To create a 3D version of the VR-artists used X-ray and infrared scanning of the canvas to determine how the model’s face and body looked. They studied the perspective to determine the length of her nose and other details. And they also tried to recreate the background behind her. The main idea of ​​the creators is to show how the extraterrestrial talent of Da Vinci changed the methods of art.

“The composition and the technique he used was a revolution at this time because he created a new way of painting people,” Emissive art director Emmanual Gorinstein

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