Have you ever been so into a book that you scribbled your notes all over it and wanted to share it with anyone who’d listen? This is exactly what happened to the founder of .ART, Ulvi Kasimov, on reading Mary Rozell’s book a few years back. Later him and Mary met personally, and this is when the journey to the Russian edition of the book began.

There is no surprise their dialogue was so fruitful. Mary Rozell is Global Head of the UBS Art Collection. Her career in the art world is long and varied. She was Director of Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute in New York, an art consultant and wrote for The Art Newspaper in Germany. She is an art historian and lawyer who publishes numerous articles and catalogues essays. Ulvi, at the same time, is a long-time art collector, whose collection is comprised of dozens of art pieces of different styles and time periods.

Last week Mary presented her work at Multimedia Art Museum and Triumph Gallery in Moscow and Marina Gisich Gallery in Saint Petersburg. She talked to the audiences about all things collecting: how to start if you haven’t yet, how to preserve your collection and, even, how to increase its value.

“The Art Collector’s Handbook” touches upon numerous issues that currently preoccupy the trade: fundamentals of building a collection, nuances of taxation, insurance, and conservation that continue to perplex even seasoned players. This is the first book in the industry to talk about intricate legal matters of art collecting in a language adapted for people with no legal background. Apart from Mary’s front-line experience “The Art Collector’s Handbook” consolidates advice from the leading experts of the industry.
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As Ulvi Kasimov said in the introduction to the Russian edition, – “Ownership of art objects gives you the feeling of incredible joy, on the one hand, but on the other – it is an immense responsibility”. “The Art Collector’s Handbook” will benefit both new and experienced collectors with its advice on navigating the art market, as well as the potential pitfalls of collecting art, so the enjoyment of art ownership can be maximized.


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