In just a few days, Ars Electronica festival goers will be able to see a teaser for the revolutionary work by Martha Fiennes and even meet her in person at the Opening Panel on 6 September.

A still from ‘Yugen’ moving image artwork

‘Yugen’ is a Japanese word that represents a symbolic and intuitive understanding of nature. The moving image artwork was created by a generative coding algorithm which produced visuals that are able to alter the viewer’s perception of reality.I have always been drawn to the idea of extended levels of consciousness”, – Martha Fiennes has said of the piece. – “Whether reflected in the imagination, in dreams, archetypes, psychoactive plant medicines, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences or in the vast reservoir of human creative expression that has preceded us”.

‘Yugen’ was the first artwork to be registered with ‘Art Records’, a service developed by .ART that sets the new standard for art object identification on the internet.