London-based artist Stella Arion (, specialising in sculpture and ceramics, delves into the vulnerability of clay as a medium for self-identification. With a focus on exploring the human condition and the intricate interplay between nature and identity, Arion’s works invite viewers to delve into realms of introspection and emotional resonance, examining the interplay of traumas, transformations, ties, and disjunctions with nature and our own identities. 

Arion’s artistic journey is marked by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of her chosen medium, clay. She articulates a profound engagement with the material, viewing it as a conduit for self-exploration. Rejecting traditional ceramic norms, Arion’s sculptures embody a sense of unrestrained creativity, mirroring cracked landscapes and volcanic stones, symbolic of the breakdown and potential for growth inherent in trauma and transformation. Central to Arion’s creative process is her deep connection to nature and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of material exploration. Immersed in the wilderness during the time spent in artist residencies, she finds inspiration and solace, allowing her thoughts to distil into sculptural forms imbued with vitality and resilience. Through meditation and a keen sense of observation, she channels her innermost thoughts and emotions into works of art that resonate on a profound level.

Collection: Fluidity | 2023 by Stella Arion. From left to right: The moment she returns / Philophile or M for absence

At the core of Arion’s artistic vision lies a fascination with the metaphor of the crack. Her sculptures, reminiscent of nature’s rugged beauty, symbolise the breakdown of systems and the potential for growth and transformation. Through her works, Arion navigates the complexities of trauma and disconnection, drawing parallels between the fractures in relationships and the fissures in the natural world.

Collection: Fluidity | 2023 by Stella Arion. Memories of that summer. Material: white porcelain, black porcelain, volcanic glazes, glazes, boro glass, resin, copper (electroplating)

In her series titled “Gardens of Love,” Arion confronts the elusive nature of affection and the fear of intimacy. Through intricate surfaces and experimental techniques, she captures the paradoxical longing and apprehension that define the human experience of love. Each sculpture becomes a portal into the depths of the soul, inviting viewers to confront their own fears and uncertainties.

“Gardens of Love” series by Stella Arion

Similarly, Arion’s “Fluidity” series speaks to the fluid nature of identity and the fragmented realities of contemporary existence. By incorporating diverse materials and salvaged ceramics and plastic, she constructs sculptural forms that reflect the ebb and flow of consciousness. Layers of materials add texture and depth, mirroring the complexity of human emotion and experience. Arion describes her artistic practice as a journey of transformation. “For me, being an artist is about articulating my own truth,” she says, “summoning the courage to delve into the deepest and darkest corners, while simultaneously finding comfort within myself.” Her work challenges conventional notions of beauty and ugliness, embracing the sharpness and fragility of existence in all its forms.

Stella Arion comments: “My work is always a personal story, a reflection on the path I keep walking.” Through her art, she invites others to join her on this journey, where cracks become spaces for growth, and beauty emerges from the depths of vulnerability.

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Recently Stella Arion has switched her online presence to .ART. Commenting on it, she says: “Transitioning to the .art domain zone wasn’t just about establishing an online identity; it was about becoming an integral part of the vibrant artistic community it represents”. 

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