Above: image courtesy of www.surfculture.art

Summer is the perfect time to unplug, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of arts and culture. In the digital realm, .ART domains serve as gateways to incredible realms of artistic expression and cultural heritage. From the surfing culture of Australia to the galleries of Italy, and from the scientific explorations of an American artist to a summer camp in a world-class museum, there’s a summer activity for every art lover. Here are five .ART domains that encapsulate the vibrant spirit of summer.


Surfculture.art is a vivid manifestation of the artistic talents and passion of Matthew Wigglesworth, an avid surfer and artist hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. The website showcases Matthew’s artistic expressions deeply rooted in the surfing culture, where retro board designs such as twin fishes, single fins, and longboards hold a special allure. His art radiates the vintage charm of these boards, reflected through colors, patterns, shapes, and lines they carve on the waves. Surfculture.art is not merely about surf and art, but also represents a lifestyle of simplicity, positivity, creativity, and a profound respect for the ocean.


Stevemiller.art is the digital home of Steve Miller, a multi-faceted artist deeply invested in exploring the intersection of science, technology, and modern culture through his artwork. A pioneering adopter of the .ART domain, Miller’s extensive portfolio includes paintings, screenprints, artist books, sculptures, and uniquely crafted surfboards adorned with images inspired by sea creatures.

Over the last years, Miller embarked on a remarkable project, publishing a trilogy about art, technology, and the environment. His latest book, “Surfing the Cosmos” (2022) marks the conclusion of this engaging series initiated in 2017. The trilogy includes “Radiographic,” an exploration of the delicate state of the Amazon, and “Surf/Skate,” which delves into the ways we navigate and experience the world. The final installment, “Surfing the Cosmos,” investigates the complexities of climate change, offering insights into potential scientific solutions. The books feature a thought-provoking forward by Neil deGrasse Tyson and an exploration into the aesthetics of science by Arthur I Miller.


Italics.art serves as a dynamic platform promoting the rich culture and artistic beauty of Italy, connecting a consortium of over sixty influential contemporary, modern, and ancient art galleries across the country. The brainchild of Lorenzo Fiaschi (Galleria Continua) and Pepi Marchetti Franchi (Gagosian), ITALICS was conceived in spring 2020 as a collaborative network for gallerists to share experiences with a global audience of collectors and art enthusiasts, both online and offline.

ITALICS Art and Landscape, the consortium’s inaugural digital platform, spotlights the unique allure of Italy through the perspectives of gallerists deeply committed to art. Renowned galleries including Galleria Continua, Gagosian, A arte Invernizzi, Galerie Rolando Anselmi, and many more contribute to the consortium, providing an enriched view of Italy’s diverse artistic panorama.

As part of ITALICS’ ongoing commitment to showcase Italy’s extraordinary cultural landscapes, the platform periodically hosts “Panorama” – an immersive exhibition experience set in Italy’s most breathtaking locations. Combining ancient, modern, and contemporary art styles, techniques, and approaches, Panorama provides an in-depth look into the more obscure and authentic aspects of Italy. Following previous editions held in Procida and Monopoli, Puglia, the 2023 iteration of Panorama will take place in L’Aquila, Abruzzo, curated by Cristiana Perrella. 


MariekeAckerman.art is an immersive online space dedicated to the enchanting artworks of Marieke Ackerman, a skilled painter based in Driebergen, The Netherlands. Encouraged by her mother and grandfather from a young age, Marieke’s journey into the realm of arts has been a lifelong passion. After honing her skills with acrylics through various painting courses with esteemed artists like Doet Boersma, James Tatum, Roos Schuring, and Hans Versfelt, she transitioned to oil paint in 2020.

The heart of Marieke’s inspiration comes from nature, which is reflected in the vast range of landscapes she beautifully portrays in her paintings. 


The digital home of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to is announcing its 2023 Summer Camp, “Outside the Lines.” This innovative camp will embark on a creative exploration of the museum’s permanent collections and special exhibitions like “So Moving” and “Erwin Wurm: Away at Home.” Activities include hands-on workshops, experiential tours, and artist meetings. In this multidisciplinary experience, children will have the opportunity to engage in visual art, theatre, music, and dance, all under the guidance of the museum’s Education Wing’s professional academic team.

Participants will enjoy a variety of workshops focusing on different materials and techniques inspired by featured artists and collections, solve intriguing riddles throughout the museum, and partake in entertaining activities like shows and movies. Designed for children who have completed grades 1 to 4, the camp offers different sessions between July 2nd and August 10th, 2023.