The Culture of Murals - 5 Artists Who Are Bringing Colors to Urban Spaces

Murals - they seem like they have sprung overnight. They make us look twice at places that we ignore or fail to notice. They are the art that brings vibrancy to cities, to sad hallways or building staircases.
Feature image : Keith Haring in the process of painting Crack is Wack mural in 1986, NYC.

They sometimes pay homage to people, tell the story of their location, or simply bring a smile on the face of the passerby. Mural art is one of the oldest forms of art. Painted cave walls were, in some way, the first mural. In recent years, their appeal has grown to an unprecedented level, becoming a form of art that many cities use to work with the creative community and beautifying or revitalizing their spaces. Here is a focus on 5 artists who are using murals as their means of expression, and their styles couldn’t be more different from one another.

MURAL – A mural take the form of an artwork realized by painting or binding the piece directly on a wall, ceiling or any other “permanent” surface. Rather often, murals are highlighting the space or the architectural elements that are surrounding it. It has been adopted in recent years as a way to embellish many overlooked places such as underpasses and more. Several festivals internationally are also being devoted to this art. 

Dave Court

We are kickstarting this post with Australian multi-disciplinary artist Dave Court who works within the parameters of painting, design and installation. His current work focused on event activation, creation of immersive installation, venue design, and large-scale mural painting. While Court’s creative output can be found indoors and outdoors, this artist is deeply invested in public art. His style is driven by his experimentation process that includes gesture, abstraction, and a back-and-forth movement between physical and digital representation.   

We appreciate how much his work is versatile and recognizable. Moreover, it is colourful and joyful and includes many collaborations!    

The work of Court’ can be discovered on Instagram under @dave.court and on 

Louise Jones

It is under the pseudonym Ouizi that Louise Jones is showcasing her large scale floral mural installations. Born to Shanghainese parents, raised in Santa Monica, CA but currently living and working in Detroit, she is inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, the memories of picking figs with her grandma as well as her fondness of botanical motifs. Her artworks are influenced by her education in drawing and printmaking and can be found across the United States, in places ranging from public parks to museums.

We love the contrast between the geometrical architecture and the fluidity of her art. It imbricating itself organically and peacefully, which makes little oasis of nature materialized across public spaces.

You can discover more about her practice on her website at or by looking at his work on Instagram under @0uizi 

Creepy Mouse 

Another artist who finds itself in this top 5 artists is Creepy Mouse, who adopted this artist name inspired by the idea that graffiti is reclaimed spaces, mostly in the middle of the night creeping out of nothing and like mice doing it without being discovered. Since 2007, Taiwan’s streets have seen his complex and detailed “calligraffiti” appeared here and there. His work is inspired by life itself, the emotion, the world, and reality, colliding together to bring his intricate calligraphy work to life.   

We admire his mural’s elaborateness, how flowing the letters are laid out together to create visually pleasing and aesthetically tangled results are.    

Look into his complex calligraphy’s universe by visiting his website or following his on Instagram @creepymouse1


Replete is a master in optic illusion murals – things; an F-15 fighter jet, a fish, and other objects or animals are emerging from walls – the 3D is so well done that the volume is felt. This innovative artist has gone as far as working on plastic wrap film (saran wrap | cling film) stretched – creating a translucid piece that offers the illusion that they levitate in the space. Originated from Leeds, this artist won’t stop to paint only on wall or vertical surface, as he doesn’t hesitate to create his work on floor & pavement.

We salute this artist’s ingenuity to push the boundaries of where art can be exposed and supports it can be created on. We can’t wait to see what he will come next with!

To discover more about the work, you can head to or follow him on Instagram @replete_art 

Taylor White

USA born Taylor White is a worldwide exhibited artist who has created work all across the globe. Her work is human-centric, engaging with the fundamental elements of being. Bright, bold, and unexpected colours give life to the human depiction that is complex with parts dissolving or brought forward. Her work furnishes the environment, creating spaces and texture. Recently, with Google Fiber, she made one of the largest public-facing AR murals in the world.  

We are compelled by White’s work and how it grasps our attention. The striking, eye-catching, and intense pieces that she creates make the viewer experience a wide range of emotions.  

You can explore her colorful work on Instagram @taylurk or look at her website 


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