Does your idea of an art auction conjure up images of traditional, perhaps even outdated, scenarios involving a slightly older crowd? Do you find the auction space somewhat intimidating and out of your reach? Thirdman Auction was created to solve those exact problems. It offers a dynamic, easy to access and entertaining auction experience all while becoming your personal bidder.  

Thirdman Auction

Thirdman Auction helps customers compare, sort out and determine the best auction opportunities on any given day. Past and upcoming auctions on Thirdman’s website are composed of millions of pictures, and users can organize these pictures by creating collections. The beauty of using Thirdman is that users can switch from one auction to another in a matter of seconds, as well as consult past auctions to get information about the price that they should bid on an upcoming auction. The CEO Jean-Baptiste Fabre’s vision is to offer an all-in-one platform that is adapted to a young generations’ way of consuming by simplifying the auction experience. 

“We are revolutionising the auction world. Thirdman will become the Number 1 all-in-one sustainable dynamic marketplace for second-hand luxury items, on both the occidental market and the Chinese market. Our IT algorithm allows our customers to find the best deals to be sold at auction, or at a fixed price.” 

– Jean-Baptiste Fabre, CEO of Thirdman Auction 

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Thanks to the company’s support package, when you use Thirdman you will be involved in the best auctions around the world while experiencing all the fun, drama and excitement you deserve. The best thing about it? Thirdman will help ensure that all your bids are carried out as competitively as possible: by diving into the world of Thirdman, you can enjoy the auction world without all the tedium and formalities that come with in-person auctions – so what’s not to love? We’re so excited to see how they disrupt the traditional auction space and win thousands of hearts over with their innovative auction solution!