10 best video processing and editing apps for TikTok

The TikTok video editor has many features and effects, but its tools are not infinite. For example, if you want to merge several videos into one or add an unusual transition, it is better to do it with an app that has advanced functionality.

Today we will tell you about the 10 best video processing apps for TikTok: their features, advantages and pricing. Plenty to choose from for everyone!

In this review, we will look at the most convenient programs to use. The simplicity of their interface will be appreciated by novice ticktockers, and a large set of effects, transitions, and filters will be appreciated by experienced users.


This video editor for Android lets you create colourful videos with graphics, music, text, and stickers. Aside from editing, users can also convert videos into different formats.

Main features:

* crop and split videos;

* combine multiple videos;

* add music with volume control;

* add text, emojis, and stickers;

* overlay your own watermark;

* adjust width, transparency and colour;

* adding drawn objects;

* vignette, blur, vintage, monochrome and other effects;

* rotation and reflection of the roller;

* adjust the aspect ratio without cropping;

    • video compression

* setting the playback speed and direction;

* change the format and resolution;

* improve quality (adjust colour temperature, brightness, saturation, and contrast).

This is a free app with ads and paid content.


The software is designed for recording, editing and original design of videos. There are free and paid versions. The free version allows you to process short videos and apply a limited number of effects, while a watermark is also applied to the video. The user of the PRO version gets access to an unlimited number of effects and their own diary. In this case, the watermark is not added to the videos, and there is no limit on the length of the video. You can use the full functionality for a free trial period of three days, after which you will have to pay.

Main features:

* merge, cut and trim videos;

* professional music editor (add music, sound effects, and voice-overs with volume control);

* adding cinematic transitions;

* changing the proportions;

* slow down, rewind, fade, and other effects;

* templates for processing (nature, animals, love, birthday);

* add subtitles and multiple texts with multiple settings.


The app combines a powerful photo and video editor and runs on both iOS and Android. It is ideal for users of TikTok and other social networks, as it allows you to blur the background, add an effect, crop or merge videos with a single click. InShot supports all popular formats and different aspect ratios.

Main features:

* adjust contrast, saturation, brightness;

    • more than 50 types of transitions;

* add text, stickers, music, and emojis;

    • many filters, frames and effects;
    • video blur;

* crop, merge, compress, and convert;

    • speed control;
    • creation of a personal watermark.

In the free version, the video contains a watermark of the software.

Cute Cut

Using this Android app, you can not only edit, but also draw videos. Users have access to dozens of tools, as well as advanced brushes for working with textures and gradients.

The free version has a time limit for the video clip, and a watermark is added to the video.

Main features:

*create SD and HD videos to function movies (picture-in-picture);

* copy and delete fragments,

* flip and reflection;

    • more than 30 drawing tools;

* editable transparency;

    • speed change;

* add music and voice with volume control;

    • a set of transitions.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This is a universal application for video processing on any device: computer, tablet, and phones with different operating systems. The video editor allows you to shoot, edit and publish content on social networks. Installation of the video is carried out by simply dragging and dropping.

Main features:

* professional video shooting right in the app:

* customize titles;

* add music and voice-over with noise reduction and sound balancing;

    • three audio and four video tracks;
    • colour adjustment;
    • change the video orientation;

* overlay effects;

* automatic synchronization with the cloud.

Adobe Premiere Rush has a free and paid version. The latter provides unlimited export, 100 GB of cloud storage. The cost of monthly use is $9.99.


This is a multi-functional video editor for easy processing on iOS and Android devices. It has tools for both surface editing (adding stickers, voice and text, changing timekeeping) and full-fledged post-processing. We are talking about using presets and filters, brightness and colour settings.

Main features:

* customize the colours;

* applying of effects and presets;

    • add background music, voice acting, and voice conversion;
    • combine multiple layers of special effects, text, images, stickers, and videos;

* playback speed control;

    • add motion to the layers using the keyframe animation;

* crop and merge videos.

Film Maker Pro

The app has a simple interface and advanced features, which makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals. You can use the video editor for free, but there will be a number of restrictions: without advanced functionality, with ads and watermarks.

Main features:

* introduction templates;

    • duplicate, cut, merge videos;

* more than 30 transitions, 50 filters and 100 effects;

* background blur;

    •  blending modes for creating double exposure;
    •  adjust brightness, contrast, and exposure;
    •  add text, emoticons, and animated stickers;
    •  overlay music and sound effects with fine settings;
    •  adjust the speed of video and music;
    •  work with multiple layers of special effects, text, and audio tracks.


The video editor works on both Android and iOS. You can use it to improve the video by adjusting the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the image. You can combine and crop videos, add music, title, text, and various effects.

You can use the app for free, but with restrictions. The PRO version includes more filters, themes, and settings. Among its advantages: no ads or watermarks. A monthly subscription costs $3,99.

Main features:

* change the saturation, contrast and brightness;

    • add and customize sound effects;
    • playback speed control;

* using filters and transitions;

* duplicate and merge videos;

    • changing the timekeeping;

* reverse playback;

    •  overlay text and animated titles.


The app is suitable for simple and fast video processing, adding music and various effects, transitions. The video editor supports importing content from social networks and viewing videos in real-time. It differs from analogues in the presence of original text blocks and video playback in reverse order. FilmoraGo has a built-in store with additional filters, titles, effects, and transitions. The basic functionality is free, and you will have to pay for some add-ons.

Main features:

* adding music;

* templates and effects with touch capabilities;

    • adaptation of content to the popular formats;

* playback in reverse order;

* video speed setting;

* duplicate, rotate, crop, mute;

* add and customize text and titles;

* transitions and filters.


The video editor deservedly became the Google Play editor’s choice of 2020. The mobile app allows you to edit a video in multi-track mode and create clips in 4K resolution. Users have access to hundreds of stickers and templates, transitions, effects, and filters. You can improve the video quality and create double exposure effects.

Access to basic features is free. With the PRO version, you will get access to 200 music tracks, 100 transitions, 30 titles, 200 stickers, 40 effects, and 200 filters. Also, among the advantages of the “premium” tariff: multi-layer overlay mode, Full HD video, stabilizer, disabling ads and removing the watermark.

Main features:

* setting the playback speed;

* chromakey to replace the background;

    • image stabilization;

* edit and export in 4K;

* crop, rotate, split videos with one touch;

* blending modes for double exposure effect;

* adjust brightness, saturation, and colour;

* add music and voice;

    • more than 400 templates, 290 stickers, 65 colour filters;

* combining photos and videos;

* video effects and transitions;

* title templates.

TikTok video editors from this list will allow you to create original videos with cool features – such videos collect most likes and comments on social networks. If this doesn’t see to be enough, you might need to consider video editing at a more professional level and master the appropriate programs.

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