The past week was filled with compelling google trends searches from #cancelcanadaday to the July 4th celebration. Way too many sports even happening. It wouldn’t have been the perfect weekend if Nick Cannon hadn’t appeared as one of the trending terms.

Jim Morrison 50 years later
If you are a die-hard fan of Jim Morrison, you know that July 3rd 2021, marked 50 years since his passing, almost twice the time he spent on this earth – he is a front runner of what is now known as Cursed 27. This weekend, people in France and from across the world gather together at Pere-Lachaise Cemetery with candle, picture, incense stick to celebrate the life of the frontman of The Doors. Every year’s people make this pilgrimage to pay their respect to Morrisson.

Who says Celebration often says Fireworks?

And why it should be different this year? Do you know that ”for decades, one of the most striking and predictable patterns of human behaviour in the western U.S. has been people accidentally starting fires on the Fourth of July. From 1992 to 2015, more than 7,000 wildfires started in the U.S. on July 4 – the most wildfires ignited on any day during the year. And most of these are near homes.” So while fireworks are amazing to watch, leave it to the professional to ignite them – safely – and far from your home or one of your neighbours.
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Nick Cannon – AGAIN
Welcome to the world, baby Zen. Why is Nick Cannon earning a mention in our Google Watch? The public can’t have enough of him, or more about the many kids he fathered and the pace at which he does so! Baby number 7th was born a few days ago, but the news was confirmed on July 4th. We hope that this might be the end of the strike and that lucky number 7 put an end to this trend.

Sports; from tennis to F1, to basketball, football, soccer, ice hockey and more!
Sports could quickly have earned a spot on this quick recap, but it would have begged the question of which country, which sports celebrities we want to put forward. Dear .ART community, if you have a favourite sport, please let us know! Otherwise, take this time to reflect on your sportive activities and head outside for a bowl of fresh air or to the place where you exercise. Getting your endorphins dose will help your creative juice flowing!