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The Free Little Art Gallery (FLAG) concept, promoted by Louisiana artist Andre Guirard, is a community-driven art movement. It democratizes art by allowing anyone to leave or take small artworks in mini-galleries, similar to Little Free Libraries but for art. Guirard, who has compiled an international database of over 415 FLAGs at, emphasizes that these galleries remove the barriers of traditional art spaces, inviting people of all skill levels to participate.

Unlike Little Free Libraries, FLAGs encourage sharing self-created art, fostering a sense of creativity and ownership. Guirard’s own FLAG in Lafayette, LA, along with others globally, showcases a range of contributions, from anonymous to known artists.

This initiative, growing internationally, makes art accessible to everyone, irrespective of their background. The galleries, primarily in the United States but expanding worldwide, can be easily started with guidelines available on Guirard’s website. With a strong presence on social media, especially Instagram, FLAGs are becoming integral to local cultural communities.

The movement is a celebration of art’s universality and the community’s role in creative expression.