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TeamLab Borderless (, an internationally acclaimed art collective, has made a grand comeback at Tokyo’s Azabudai Hills with the opening of the TeamLab Borderless Mori Building Digital Art Museum on February 9th, following its closure in Odaiba in August 2022. This much-anticipated return introduces an array of new, engaging, and interactive art installations that blend light, sound, and visual effects to create immersive experiences. With a “green and wellness” theme complementing the cultural diversity of Azabudai Hills, the exhibition showcases 79 independent artworks designed to foster a dialogue between art and viewers, exploring the possibilities of science, technology, art, and nature.

TeamLab Borderless’s latest offering not only reiterates its commitment to breaking down the barriers between art and audience but also invites visitors to reflect on the deeper connections between all elements of existence. With its blend of technology, art, and nature, the museum provides a space where visitors can explore new dimensions of perception and experience the world in innovative and enriching ways.