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Your Art Deserves a Digital Gallery with a Website and Domain Name

By guest writer Samantha Lloyd, Content Marketing Specialist, Hover

The typical artist nowadays has more ways to reach their audience than through traditional methods. Reaching a niche group through countless gallery applications or paying exorbitant amounts for a bit of media coverage is no longer your only means to publicity. You can access your exact target market through inexpensive (or even free) means, such as social media or third-party sellers, and direct them to an online shop to secure sales. You’ve worked hard at your craft and are now looking to drive recognition, build a network, and sell your pieces online. It’s easy to share and advertise to your audience through social media, but that’s not necessarily the easiest way to actually sell your pieces. There are a couple ways you can promote your art online to give it a bit of an edge.

If you’re selling your art, then all of your marketing efforts across different channels have the greatest impact if your audience is landing on a custom shop where they can purchase your work. Your art deserves a proper home online and the .ART domain name is a great place to start. The .ART domain name is the domain for the global creative community. Use this short and memorable domain extension to launch your art brand and website.

If you’re trying to build a network, a brand, or run promotions, your website is the best platform you have where you can customize your user experience and update as needed. Think of your website as your personal art gallery. It doesn’t rely on a lengthy approval process or networking to get your art on display. It’s simply the place where you get to put up your current or favourite pieces. Your customers can browse your entire collection and make a sale from their laptop or phone. This type of exposure and connection to your audience cannot be undersold. If building and designing a website seems an onerous and time-consuming task, don’t worry! Many people feel this way and are relieved to discover there are plenty of tools that make it a breeze.

Designing and Building your Artist Website

Your website should reflect you and your work. Don’t be afraid to let your art lead the design of your website – whether it’s colourful, abstract, or modern – there are ways to integrate your art into your website in more than just display. When building your website, consider dividing your work by style, type, or time period. This will allow your potential customers to browse the art you create that they’re more interested in. Use your website to explain your story, why you create what you do in the style that you do, and to showcase and promote your pieces. Be sure to provide a way for people to contact you to build your network and direct links to customers, gallery owners, and more.

Need some quick inspo? There are a ton of incredibly talented artists across different crafts that have their own portfolio website on a .ART domain name.

No Time to Build a Portfolio Website for your Art?

If you do not have time to set up an entire website at this point in your business, snatch up your brand or name at a .ART domain name. You can forward your .ART domain name to your Instagram or to whichever platform you currently display your work on. Your customers can become familiar with your domain name and you’ll be able to share it on business cards, on social links, and more. Once you’re ready to launch your official website, you will have a domain name that has a brand association and that your audience is already familiar with.


Author Bio

Samantha Lloyd, Content Marketing Specialist, Hover

Samantha is a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur. She loves filling you in on the booming tech industry of Toronto, and beyond. When she’s not working, she lives for travel and the ocean and is always looking for a chance to dive, snorkel, and paddleboard.