Have you ever looked at a website and wondered what inspired its domain name? Today, we look at the story behind adele.art. 

There’s an artist inside each and every one of us, and that part of us can emerge at any given time. 30-year-old Moscow-based artist Adele is a former lawyer. She quit the world of corporate law to study art and design and began to paint. Her artworks have been exhibited at a range of contemporary art exhibitions, including the Moscow Antibiennale. She dreams about creating a series of paintings about the Earth’s creation. 

Adele’s career as an artist began as a hobby. She was 18 when she went out and bought herself an easel, some paper and ink.

And so I entertained myself for many years, playing around with watercolor, oil, pastel, ink,and charcoal. I changed many studios and ended up obtaining a degree in law.

Adele began working as a lawyer at a large company, but she felt she was suffering a creative void. ‘I decided to study design and went ahead and started getting more creative with work. I began to paint, and when I attended the Cosmoscow 2018, where I showcased my works, I was certain that art was what I wanted to do.’

Adele lived in New York for some time, but ultimately, she decided to come back to Moscow. ‘I’m happy here. Like any Muscovite, I would like to see more sun, but I think that wherever we live we experience both pros and cons.’

While she sees the merits of developing her own unique style, she’s adamant that she doesn’t want to pigeon hole herself. ‘I don’t want to limit myself; I want to experiment and I’m not afraid of not having a distinct, recognizable style simply because I’m eager to try out new things.’ 

A big fan of modernists, Adele looks up to the likes of Matisse, Picasso, and Schile. ‘Not only are they some of my favourite artists, but they are also people whose courage I admire. I like artists who changed the course of fine art’s history and development. For me, this is key – I want to go my own way. Practice, self-criticism, pleasure – that’s how I achieve my tasks. My dream is to write a series of paintings about the creation of our world.’

Adele’s works have enjoyed wide success: she has exhibited at numerous galleries, but she genuinely appreciates her digital presence, too.

My website is my business card, my online gallery, the one place where I am totally in control of my portfolio. I can showcase my works to people living anywhere in the world. I chose .ART for my website because ‘art’ is a word that can denote literally everything! I love the works of Erich Fromm; they address the art of love and the art of living. Art, in my opinion, is the highest peak of all human activity.