Building you website? Top 10 WordPress templates for the best responsive website

Are you thinking of using WordPress for your website? We want to help you optimize it from the start - Check out our selection of the ten best responsive WordPress templates.

Sites created with WordPress CMS are the most popular globally. With mobile traffic growth, adaptive WordPress templates are more popular than themes that do not adapt to all devices and resolutions.

Why do I need a responsive website?
Recent data shows that the audience of Internet users who use smartphones and tablets already exceeds those who use a desktop computer for this purpose. We easily communicate in social networks, check email, and find out exciting information using our mobile phone. In most cases, applications are used for this purpose, but not all sites have them. Indeed, many do not need their own app. Adaptive design is an entirely different matter. Its importance today is difficult to overestimate. The primary trend of our time is convenience. The user should have a similar experience using the small screen of their smartphone or their desktop computer. They should find the same convenient and easily recognizable interface of their favourite site. For years, sites were not adaptive, and the user experience suffered. This is why a responsive and auto adaptable website is a must!

The advantage of this kind of design is that it provides a better content experience with no matter for the device used. The site interface adapts to the sources from which the user browses. A high-quality adaptive website is not a compressive, elastic layout that “shrinks” to fit a mobile device’s ratio. This is an entirely different approach to displaying useful information for the user. Looking at this image, you can figure out how something coming our of this computer using a design that fits it might now yield the greatest results on your brand new smartphone!

10 of the best responsive templates for WordPress
It’s easy to make sure that your website will adapt itself to give your visitor the best browsing experience. There is plenty of choices of WordPress template that will do this trick easily for you. Make sure that the template you choose is specially designed for this and adaptive.

Total is a multi-functional theme that can be used to kick start your online presence without spending too much money on creating it from the get-go. This theme has an adaptive layout, and through small “transformations”, it can become an excellent template for a personal blog. Among the advantages of Total WordPress Theme, there is the presence of an extensive library of built-in fonts and images for the background. Furthermore, it also offers the function of supporting a WooCommerce plugin.

This is a popular solution for creating an online store on WordPress. The theme has a stylish design and a built-In WooCommerce plugin. It is easy to learn how to use it and is versatile. No matter if you have a store with a wide assortment or are planning to be a small boutique with dozens of products. The creator of e-Shop WordPress Theme is Themes4WP Studio, which has already established itself as a high-quality product manufacturer.

This template is suitable for those who want to promote news item. The site on it will have excellent usability. A minimalistic design will only improve the perception of your website. The theme has a large slider with the three most popular news items. Moreover, you can configure it any way you want. This premium theme will set apart your online presence from thousands of similar ones.

Stylish but straightforward theme from “Silicons”. The template is available for free and has all the features to create a robust website. One of the main advantages of this theme is the ease of setting up its sidebar. You can display entries for specific categories on the main page. Social media icons are already embedded in the theme. As you build your website, you will only need to configure them. Perfect for a variety of subjects.

A very stylish theme that can be used for many types of website, if configured correctly. The template is easy to customise. There is support for shortcodes, which can be used to diversify the output of posts and replace several plugins. If necessary, you can even create an online store using Sparkling WordPress Theme.

This is the template for fans of magazine looking themes. We strongly recommend that you use it to create an exciting portal, travel blog, or e-newspaper. The built-in customiser will help you configure this theme the way you need it. Widgets will help you personalised the template to make it your own. With this theme, you can do everything you need to solve your problem.

Hemingway is a free theme from Swedish designer Andres Noren. Suitable for personal blogs and websites. The desktop version has two columns, and you can insert images from Flickr. This feature makes it interesting for designers and photographers. Among the visual “chips” we note scrolling with a slight parallax effect.

It has a beautiful design, which thanks to its adaptability is readily displayed on smartphones and tablets. The developers added support for Retina displays, which allows you to display graphics in high definition. The template is a one-page and can be customised for any project.

A hyper stylish and well-developed theme that positively showcases a “technological” bias. The main advantage of the template is an easy configuration. Everything is done from the console. It has a full set of all necessary features. Even those who don’t have web design skills will be able to create a website based on it.

A professional theme with great functionality, responsiveness, and a straightforward interface. What else do you need to create a good website? Its library already includes all the necessary plugins and tools. You can use it as a website for a business entrepreneur or consultant.

Choosing a theme for your site is crucial. In this Top of the best adaptive solutions, you will find one that will help you create a WordPress site that will meet all modern web resources requirements.

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