Featured image: vector created by Starline

Today marks a new lunar year, and it is the occasion to celebrate in China and many other neighbourhood countries as well as the Asian diaspora throughout the world, this tradition is now also celebrated all the world, by a diversity of people. .ART’s Team wish you all a happy and prosperous life from our family to yours!  

Everybody knows that the Lunar new year is celebrated with red envelopes, red clothes and decorations – but not many know why. Red is an important colour in Chinese culture, it is an auspicious colour that is linked to luck and life, and symbolise prosperity and thought to ward off evil spirits. As for the red envelopes that are exchanged, they are filled to bring good luck, good health or something sweet for kids. If you fill it with money, make sure that an amount is an even number.  

Left image: Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels

The lunar new year has become an event many are looking forward to and the opportunities for brands to showcase amazing visuals hiring artists all over the world. From transportation companies – mostly airlines – to postal services, everybody seems to be in the mood to celebrate prosperity, health and happiness (sighs) especially while almost entering our third year in the pandemic.  

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Finally, it is not only the lunar new year, but this year is the year of the Tiger! This creature, one of 12 represented in the cycle, represents ambition, bravery, impulsiveness, and communication. A kid born in the year of the tiger is thought to be thrilled-seeking, a natural-born leader and quite outspoken. Famous people born in Years of the Tiger include Queen Elizabeth II, Fidel Castro, Marilyn Monroe, Shawn Mendes, Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise.  

Do you also know that the stripe patterns on tigers are incredibly unique but that while their fur is striped, it isn’t the only thing that it is?  Their skin is also striped. They are acting a little bit in the same fashion as fingerprints for humans, in short, not one tiger is alike to another, stripe wise anyway. 

Happy year of the Tiger! Be this new year filled with the power of the fierce red, and the vitality of the tiger and that all this energy exchange be put towards your passion, your projects, your art!  

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