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As art begins to marry technology, the digital landscape provides innovative ways for brands, businesses, organisations, and individuals to express their creative ventures. The .ART domain provides a practical new avenue to do just that. Let’s explore how it can elevate your online presence.

1. Primary Website/Brand

The .ART domain adds a new layer of brand credibility for individuals and organizations that operate in the art space. Take for instance, SIMPLIFY.ART. This free, unlimited cloud-based art management system offers collectors, artists, galleries, and institutions a platform to manage their artwork digitally. Their .ART domain clearly communicates their commitment to the art community, increasing brand visibility and establishing their niche. If you or your business is in the arts, there is no better domain to let the world know.

.ART business email

When you secure your domain through our flagship store, you can elevate your online presence with a professional .ART email address. Not only does it foster trust among your audience, but it also amplifies your brand’s recall. Customize your communication by setting up specific mailboxes like for your loyal followers or for broad inquiries.

2. Redirect to an Existing URL

The .ART domain can serve as an elegant and thematic redirect to an existing URL. An excellent example is LACMA.ART, which redirects to This method allows the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to maintain brand continuity while innovatively engaging with their digital audience. And when someone sees the .ART at the end of the domain, they know this LACMA acronym surely stands for the LA Museum of Art.

3. Special Art Project Page

Brands and others can use the .ART domain to host a secondary website dedicated to a particular art project, like Porsche’s ‘Art of Dreams’. Hosted on PORSCHE.ART, this initiative showcases the immersive art and design experiences Porsche offers globally. The .ART domain creates a unique digital space that fosters creative exploration and interaction with the brand.

4. Deep Link to Art Related Content Within an Existing Website

Organizations can utilize the .ART domain as a shortcut to redirect to specific art-related content within their existing website. An example is BOFA.ART, which redirects to Bank of America’s arts and culture page. By using a range of .ART domains, including ESTATEPLANNING.ART and PRIVATEBANKING.ART, BOFA optimizes traffic while making it easy for customers and prospects to find content presenting their involvement in the arts, enhancing their brand image.

5. Portfolio Website

For individual artists, a .ART domain is a powerful tool to establish a unique, dedicated online portfolio. It speaks volumes about their dedication to art, offering a professional image that appeals to potential viewers and buyers. Being a central hub, it ties together an artist’s various digital presences, from social media to online galleries, providing a unified and enhanced visitor experience. Importantly, as ‘art’ is a widely searched term online, a .ART domain can potentially enhance the website’s visibility in search engine results, driving more traffic to the artist’s work. Moreover, it provides an avenue to assert copyright, safeguarding the artist’s intellectual property in the digital realm.

Taking a leaf from Spanish painter Elena Gual’s book, using a .ART domain can elevate an artist’s digital presence significantly. On her website, ELENAGUAL.ART, Elena deftly weaves together her portfolio, artist statement, bio, and contact information. She also includes a link to her .com online shop, creating a holistic digital experience for her audience.

Free .ART website builder

When you secure your domain through our flagship store, you unlock a complimentary website builder. Effortlessly establish your digital presence with just a few clicks: showcase your work on a dedicated portfolio page, connect with visitors through a comprehensive contact section linking to all major social platforms, and personalize with spaces for your unique story and more.

6. E-commerce Site for Your Art

Turning passion into profit is easier with a .ART domain, perfect for setting up an e-commerce site for selling your artwork. Take a cue from ARTELY.ART, Sweden’s largest online gallery, providing established Swedish artists a platform to showcase and sell their work.

7. Link to Web3 assets

Venturing into the decentralized internet, .ART has become one of the first domain registries to offer matching ENS and DNS domains. By linking your DNS domain (“”) to the Ethereum blockchain and other Web3 networks, you can connect directly to Ethereum-based assets like your wallet, smart contracts, or NFTs. The same .ART name also doubles as a web address and email handle in Web2, a unique feature among so-called blockchain domains. Collision-proof and cost-effective, this groundbreaking step allows .ART to operate seamlessly across both Web2 and Web3 platforms, forging new avenues for creative expression, branding, and project management in the digital ecosystem.

Notable creatives like contemporary artist and designer Ali Sabet (SABET.ART), new media artist and crypto art historian Martin Lukas Ostachowski (MLO.ART), and photographer and digital creator Yakob (YAKOB.ART) have already capitalized on the benefits of ENS-DNS integration.

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8. Link to a Social Media Page

The .ART domain can also elegantly bridge the gap between your professional and social spheres. Instead of directly giving out your Instagram handle, ore relying on people searching for you on a social platform,  you can ensure control of where you send your community by redirecting your .ART domain to your Instagram (or other) profile. In this way, “” not only promotes your brand identity but gets people directly to your page with no distractions, and you can always change where points in the future should a social platform lose favor or change its policies and algorithms. Freelance character designer Anna Dragomir, for instance, uses her ANADRAGOMIR.ART domain to direct to her Instagram profile with an identical handle.

The .ART domain revolutionizes online creative expression, offering diverse applications for artists and businesses. From portfolios to e-commerce, it enhances brand visibility and bridges social and professional spheres. Embrace .ART to thrive in the digital era.

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