Self-isolation deprives us of human contact and our social traditions. So how do we thank all those people across the globe that unite efforts in this universal struggle? Especially the medical staff, who are at the forefront of this battle. The doctors and nurses working around the clock to aid the infected.

Gifting flowers was always a sign to show that you care about the person. Particularly in the East, bringing a bouquet is one of the most popular gestures of gratitude.

Reikhan Kasimova, .ART co-founder, is calling everyone who’d like to show appreciation for the medical workers to express it through art. Using any medium, whether watercolour, pencil or iPad, to draw flowers as a “thank you” to those helping our communities. After the crisis is over, Reikhan will gift ‘The-hope’ piece to the hospital. She encourages everyone to hold on to their creations, and gift them to those they care for once it is the right time to resume social contact.

“We all want to say that we are all in this together. That we are all worried and we are all empathising” Reikhan shares in a video interview where her family gets together to draw a flower composition of their own titled “The-hope”.

Documentation is a key part of art preservation. “The-hope” was issued a digital certificate using .ART’s Digital Twin solution. The certificate contains necessary information about the artwork and its owner using specially added site description fields. It also includes this genuine video that tells the story behind its creation. View it here:

Share photos with your creations! Tag #FlowersForMedics or #Flowers4Medics to spread the message.

Image: The-hope, 2020, Reikhan Kasimova and her family. Certificate of authenticity: