Dec 4, 2018

Mystery solved: why code A113 appears in most animation films you’ve seen

What do Toy Story, Cars, Wall-E, Finding Nemo and The Simpson have in common, apart from being awesome cartoons? They were all made by the California Institute of Arts graduates, who have quite a sense of mystery, as it turns out.

Do you use your old postcode as a computer password? Your grandfather’s year of birth as a credit card PIN? We all do. Thing is, we all have secret codes. Some are weirder (like your ex boyfriend’s passport number), some are political (half of bicycle locks in Tel Aviv magically open when you put the year Israel gained independence) and some are way too simple (what’s the point having a safe with a 1234 code?!). Maybe your secret code is universal, and maybe only you’d know what it is. But if you keep plugging it everywhere, people will start wondering what it means.

Unless you are a Pixar geek or the Sherlock Holmes of animation, you wouldn’t know what A113 is. However, it appears in nearly every cartoon made by Pixar. The number of the courtroom in Up? A113. The model of the camera used by a scuba-diver in Finding Nemo? A113. The number on the tiny tag Git the lab rat has on his ear in Ratatouille? A113.  Number plates in Toy Story, Cars and Wall-E? All A-113! It has also appeared on numerous occasions in The Simpsons, American Dad! And Family Guy. The internet couldn’t calm down until the truth was revealed.

What’s the conspiracy? As it turns out, ‘A113’ is the number of a classroom at the famed California Institute of Arts where the first generation of animators studied graphic design and character animation in the early 80s, proceeding to work at leading animation companies like as Disney and Pixar. Cool, right? Pay attention next time you’re at the movies and impress your date.

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