Yes, we are sometimes too ambitious when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. We have all done it, and then as the second week of January, the third and the fourth week are around the corner, we already give up on achieving what we have set up to accomplish, change or take on. So how to create and vouch for New Year’s resolutions that you will be able to stick with and make last?

– Imagine who you will be at the end of 2023
Yes, I know we aren’t the 1st yet! Who are you at the end of this year? What are the changes and the commitments that will be required of you to get there? You are currently writing your mission and vision for yourself just like you would do it with a business. You are betting on yourself – focus on setting the stage for success!

– Find the source of why you don’t stick to your resolution
You rarely stick to your New Year’s resolution – have you ever checked in with yourself and tried to figure out why? Have you tried to achieve too much too quickly? What you wished to change or commit to didn’t improve fast enough? It might be time to look inwards and get clues to understanding what didn’t go accordingly to your plans.

– Start small
If you have never been an avid reader, think you will read 25 books this year. There are only 52 weeks per year, so you would have to read half a book per week to sustain your goal. Is this really possible with your schedule and your current commitment? What about starting to think that you will be reading ten pages per day instead? Same if what you want is to wake up earlier or spend more time in the studio. Do a small increase each time you feel comfortable with where you are and not challenged anymore till you get to the point you want to go.

Write your goal in the present tense
Instead of I will spend 2 hours per week on building my social presence – website, social media – or on professionalizing my practice, write – I spend two hours a week each month to increase my social presence. Your brain – as well as mine – doesn’t want to feel like they are doing more work, so trick it into thinking that you are already doing the work!

– Select a few goals and break them into steps
Let’s be realistic; you won’t be able to stick to 12 New Year’s resolutions, so start with a few 3 or 5, place them in order accordingly to the importance they have for you. Then, break them into steps. Make sure you write them using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goal method. You can read more about this in one of our other articles. For example, if you want to have an exhibition in 2023. Write, I have an exhibition – at (WHERE) with (HOW MANY ARTWORKS) by (WHEN). I spend XX hours in the studio per week to be able to create the needed body of work.

Let’s break it down now:

Goal: Having an exhibition in 2023


  • Finding a venue | do you want to rent a gallery or be in a group show? Do you know where to look for venues, calls, and opportunities? Make a list!
  • XX artworks | get to your easel or to the drawing board. How long will it take you to create those? Do you need extra time for framing or stretching them on a stretcher or even installation?
  • What else will you need? Promotion? Website?

Need a little more – check you our article ”Books that will help you moving gear with your artistic endeavours”

– Surround yourself with people that help you with your goals
Let’s be honest like-minded people will support you and contribute to helping you be accountable for what you are trying to achieve. So find your people! They can be friends, relatives, mentors, schoolmates or anything else. They can also be other artists you haven’t met but connected with on social. You might need an artistic coach – they are a bunch of amazing humans out there for that. Connect with people that you admire on social or LinkedIn, write them a clear and concise message, and explain what you are seeking from them and the time commitment it will be required from them. People will be more committed to answering you if you are appreciative of their time and are organized.

Let’s part ways with a quote from Simon de Pury when he was the mentor on reality television series Work of Art: The Next Great Artist: Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be Amazing!

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