Online Portfolios: Exploring the Talent at AAU Visual Art Studies

In late 2020, .ART and Anglo American University (AAU) launched a partnership in light of the art industry's increasing shift towards the online realm. The mission is to support art students in building their digital presence. Since then, the new .art tools are used to highlight a number of creative projects and portfolios.  

The AAU Visual Art Studies department launched a portfolio website on to share a curated selection of works by their diverse student body. In one click, visitors can encounter various mediums used by the artists, from collage and oil paintings to site-specific projects and performance art. Moreover, displayed are also moving image works and political poster art made in honour of the 1989 Velvet Revolution, a significant memory in the history of the Czech nation.  

AAU Visual Art Studies portfolio website

Given AAU’s global reach and international student cohort, the website examples amplify the cultural diversity of the creatives – we look at the portfolio’s of three students. 

Chelcie S Porter wearing her textile design

Chelcie S Porter is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates works inspired by a life-long nomadic lifestyle and the complex lives of the women she’s met along the way. The art on her website is full of colour and life, similar to the depth of experience she brings – Porter has travelled to over forty countries while curating exhibitions and events, teaching youth workshops, creating and collaborating with fellow artists. Similarly to her life’s journey, Porter’s work focuses on themes concerning women, culture, and nature. She uses a range of mediums for artistic expression, including photography, painting, video, dance, fashion, installation, and design.

Dorota Čičatková, My Personal Jesus II

We next look at the work of Dorota Čičatková, a Slovak visual artist based in Prague. In her practice, she examines the potential of old materials and fabrics, mainly denim. Her portfolio website captures the use of fabric and denim as she explores the possibilities of reshaping textiles and old materials. She uses the fabrics as both her canvas and a tool, creating both abstract and figurative works. Čičatková deconstructs and gives a new soul to items that can otherwise be forgotten. She draws inspiration from inner spiritual experience, mundane forms and figures, and personal reflections. In addition to her portfolio, she is also a prolific writer, covering themes such as symbolism and sexuality in visual art, amongst others. 

Trishna Adnani, COVID-19 SERIES, VI. “All dressed up, but nowhere to go”, Gujarat, India, 2020

Our third tour looks at the website of Trishna Adnani. Originally from India, she grew up in Dubai, UAE, before studying art at AAU in Prague. With a great passion for conceptual art, her artworks are continuously evolving across all kinds of media, ranging from drawing and painting to sculpture, film, photography, and digital art. Browsing through her portfolio page, we see a visual diary of all the different practices Adnani undertakes.

The artist portfolios give a small insight into the creativity taking place at the AAU Visual Art Studies department. We are fortunate to be able to explore online how their work develops over time and look forward to sharing more examples in the coming months! 

.ART Team
.ART Team
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