Social Media 101 – Choosing the Perfect Link for an Instagram Account that will Propel your Projects

Are you looking for the perfect Link to add to your Instagram? Has this been dragging? Holding you down on building your website and putting your art or project out there? We took a deep dive into the matter, and here are our best practical and actionable tips to solve this puzzle!
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Choosing a name for your website or your Instagram account is a tough decision. Changing it down the road would have many consequences and – we all preferer to get it right the first time! Instagram is a powerful, easy-to-use, inexpensive tool to boost your marketing and generate sales or brand awareness. So, what not unleashed its full potential? The only flaw, the fact that only one link can be is displayed in your profile.

Why is this a downer? How are you supposed to tell the world that they can register for your next masterclass? Share the link to an exhibition you are taking part in? Or even to a video of you cooking your favourite recipe on Youtube? The solution might be more straightforward than you think and .ART can help you with this one! Get a short, memorable domain to which your audience can always refer to. Search for the perfect domain. It could be yourname.ART, could be your, it could be your favourite colour, ingredient, medium or anything else .ART. When you have settled on one, register it, and use it as your forwarding address. This will help you saving time when you want to update the link’s destination. Simply used the URL Forwarding tools to redirect it to the right place in just the right amount of time to say DONE!

How does it work, and how can you do it?
First, pick and register your perfect domain name. It should be short, simple, memorable – make sure to make keywords rich and related to your project or yourself. Using a .art website contributes to telling your audience what you are all about; creativity!

Next, you will use the URL forwarding tool to set this on your Instagram profile. It is an easy trick to do and comes at no additional cost no matter how many times you do that weekly, monthly or yearly. You will always be able to link it to your latest blog post, your new artwork, an exhibition invitation or the about me section. The sky is becoming your only limit quickly! You log into your user panel whenever you want to change that link, use the forwarding tool, and redirect it to today’s flavour. Easy, isn’t it?

So now put this in practice, make sure to add your perfect domain name in your Instagram profile and scream it from the top of the mountains to make yourself, your brand, your art and your project shine!

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