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If you already have a .ART domain and want to share your project, story and creative tips with the world, contact us!
If you have a .ART domain and want to share your story with the world, contact us!
5 things that the art world can do to lower its carbon footprint
Save the planet – go digital. Life hacks from Art Basel Miami.
.ART offering special terms for non-profits, trademark owners and a range of creatives
In our age of corporate instability, it might be hard for non-profit organisations and creatives to commit to certain digital instruments and subscriptions, as they always run the risk of a ...
.ART domain name: your digital business card
Famous or not, your name should precede you.
How to choose the perfect domain name for your art website
Your name goes ahead of you. Your domain name will go ahead of your art. The power of names affects ...
5 most creative .ART domain uses
There are many ways to use your .ART domain, but some of our users found truly original ways to take...
.ART founder Ulvi Kasimov reveals new generation digital letter of authenticity at Apsara Conference, organised by Alibaba Group
In line with the ongoing partnership between .ART and Alibaba Cloud, the largest cloud computing com...
Copyright: protect your intellectual property online
A few easy steps to copyright your artwork and prevent copyright infringement
How to promote yourself as an artist
Don't panic - advice on marketing your art online.
Sell your art online — How to turn your creativity into profit
A simple and easy guide to start selling your art online.
Special report: Venice Biennale
.ART’s picks at the intersection of Art and Technology
Top 5 Blockchain Art Projects
Blockchain is everywhere but its uses are more versatile than one might think. From symbolic depicti...
Why humans value certain objects
How story behind an object determines its value and cost
.ART pricing model & Big Data algorithm
Premium names are always a prime target for cyber-squatters, usually being bought out in bulk due to...
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