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If you already have a .ART domain and want to share your project, story and creative tips with the world, contact us!
If you have a .ART domain and want to share your story with the world, contact us!
Special report: Venice Biennale
.ART’s picks at the intersection of Art and Technology
|Dorian Batychka
Top 5 Blockchain Art Projects
Blockchain is everywhere but its uses are more versatile than one might think. From symbolic depicti...
|Dorian Batychka
Why humans value certain objects
How story behind an object determines its value and cost
.ART pricing model & Big Data algorithm
Premium names are always a prime target for cyber-squatters, usually being bought out in bulk due to...
Offline or online, address is prestige
With the emergence of the Internet, a new space has appeared, similar to the outer space. This space...
Most creative .ART domain uses
There are many ways to use your .ART domain, but some of our users found truly original ways to take...
WHATIS™ and Digital Twin
.ART is not just a domain registry, it’s a research body dedicated to innovation and product develop...
10 Bauhaus principles that still apply today
2019 will mark a century of the world-famous architectural style which is still used in contemporary...
Why .ART if your .com works just fine?
What is culture? Over two millennia ago Roman philosopher Cicero gave it the first definition referr...
|.ART Team
Be like the big guys: use .ART redirect
Building a website can take a long time. But you can always use your existing website, a section of ...
Art as therapy is a growing trend
If you’re anxious or unhappy just try art
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