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It is Pablo Picasso’s day of birth; this Spanish artist revolutionized a fair deal in the arts. His first word was pencil, and he is considered a leader of Modern art by many established art critics. Could his birth and his place in art history be enough to celebrate International Artist Day on his birthday? Or what about that? It is also the day on which Claude Cahun was born. They were part of the resistance during WWII and a significant figure in writing Queer History, and their story is no longer hidden. At the same time, both of those seem, at least to us at .ART, enough of good reasons to celebrate today as International Artist Day.  Let’s hop on this journey! 

Of course, the history of International Artist Day is filled with USA Presidents who loved and supported the arts, from John F Kennedy to President Johnson creating the National Endowment for the Arts. Regan was a former actor and worked hard on reviewing the purpose of what Johnson had created to finally, in 1997, President Clinton, who asked Congress to maintain support for the arts, urging the population to make 2000 a year of national celebration “so that we can remain the world’s beacon not only of liberty but of creativity, long after the fireworks have faded.” But that is only the American version of the story. Canadians attributed the founding of this day to Chris MacClure, a romantic realism painter who would have created this day to bring recognition to the world of art and, most importantly, to celebrate all the artists that changed the way life is seen, perceived and viewed.  

So, no matter which story you preferred, one thing transpires. Art is a crucial part of life. It expresses emotions, fosters relationships and difficult conversations, it bonds people in different parts of the world. It makes us all more human with both our beautiful aspects and the darker ones. Therefore, this year, we invite you to celebrate this day in the way of your choice. Here are some suggestions that we thought you might appreciate  

  • Learn something about an artist, not only the famous one but the one in your local surrounding. Exchange with them – many have compelling backstories, and art can always turn a bad day into a terrific one.  
  • Purchase a piece of art and support someone else creativity: the price doesn’t matter so much. You never know how important this could be. Offering to purchase a work of art from someone who is trying to live from its art might change their entire trajectory in the arts.  
  • Visit a Gallery or a Museum: this one is pretty self-explanatory 😉 

Express your creativity: you don’t need to consider being an artist to let loose your creative juices. Don’t waste a second. Get a pencil and a piece of paper and doodle. Or some brushes and paint and unleash your inspiration on the support. You might be surprised by the results. 
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