.art Turns Three!

Our artistic community and business partners are joining in on the celebration.

The .art Community

Over the past three years, .art has shown itself to be a domain zone brimming with life. We drive quality registrations, maintain high renewal rates, and are proud to have a community that actively uses their websites. We’ve seen over 70,000 domains go out to creative individuals and institutions globally. Our community is growing, and it’s growing fast! Spanning across the world from Peru to Japan, it includes remote corners like Aruba, Nepal, and Faroe Islands.

Prominent names like The Louvre, Marina Abramovic Institute, Kickstarter, Ars Electronica Festival are among our ever-growing list of adopters. Not to boast, but even big market players like Amazon, Bank of America, Apple, Facebook, and Swatch have been quick to snap up our domains.


Our work lives have fundamentally changed in the face of the current global pandemic, and the argument for a distinct digital presence couldn’t be more compelling. Thanks to our long-standing relationship with partnering registrars, .art is able to offer considerable discounts on standard domain names. You’ll be able to access these discounts all through spring and summer, via our partnering registrars including GoDaddy, Alibaba Cloud, TenCent and Google, with whom .art has entered into an agreement.

This Year’s Milestones

We’re proud to take an active part in the Investor Allstars event: for three consecutive years, we’ve helped make the “Digital Innovation in Art” nomination award possible. The event is known as the ‘Oscars’ for the European entrepreneurial and investor community and it recognises the innovators in the art industry that use digital technology to push the art market’s traditional boundaries. For the first time in its history, there were two winners in the Digital Innovation in Art category: Artwork Archive, a cloud-based art database system, and The Kremer Collection, a VR museum.

In line with its objective of furthering .art as a digital platform for the global art community, the .art team participated in the Alibaba Group’s Apsara Conference to announce the launch of its Art Digital Twin prototype. The new product is designed to increase the value of art works by providing accessible, secure and reliable evidence of art work authenticity and provenance.

In essence, Art Digital Twin links a domain name to art objects (think www.nightwatchman.art) providing a digital certificate of authenticity that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to safely and securely store information (videos, HD imagery and other files). Registering with Art Digital Twin can also be accompanied by blockchain (Ethereum) transactions, providing securely stored artwork provenance. Both products were launched as prototypes and have already earned the attention of tech platforms. The .art team is consulting its creative community to help adapt Art Digital Twin in a way that maximizes usability and value.

Premium Names Release

Today, our registry releases an additional 9,000+ high-demand, premium domains. These include sought-after, three- letter names as well as frequently used generic words. To help support small businesses and the creative community dealing with the economic difficulties of the pandemic, these names will be sold significantly below market value. Head on over to get.art to score the domain deal of the year!

Become a Part of the Community

There are endless ways in which you can use a .art domain – it can be a unique digital identifier that marks your place in the art world, an online business card linking to all your social media accounts, or simply a redirect for marketing purposes. ‘Online viewing rooms’, too, are a fast-growing trend, but, in essence they are just websites – so why not register yours with .art?

Just as important, though, is the community that you become a part of when you choose to be a part of the .art family – one that is truly global, creative, and progressive.

.ART Team
.ART Team
members are global citizens with interests ranging from art history to social justice. If we had an office cat we would have called it Basquiat.