Modern Azerbaijani art at the Triumph gallery

“Off the velvet chest” is the tenth in the EXTENSION series aimed at creating a dialogue in modern art.

An exhibition of Azerbaijani artists opened at the “Triumph” Gallery in Moscow as part of the unique EXTENSION.AZ project. The mission of the project is to create a dialogue between the world of modern art and a wide audience. The center stage is given to modern creations of artists from all over the world.

Each exhibition is accompanied by an educational program which includes lectures, meetings and master classes with artists, as well as a catalogue. After a Moscow premiere each exhibition goes on tour around modern art venues across Russia. The EXTENSION.AZ exhibition is the tenth in the EXTENSION series and focuses on Azerbaijani art.

Entitled “Off the velvet chest”, it reminds us of “the importance of preserving and saving the most valued pieces of art, as well as undervalued ones”. It was created by Ali Samadova, who works in Baku and Milan as curator and cultural manager. This exhibition is truly unique in uniting under the same roof famous artists like Aidan Salakhova and young talented ones like Orhan Huseinov, Faig Ahmed, Tora Agabaeva and others. Some .ART adopters were also, including a young artist Medina (

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