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Tattoos are something that we have seen a lot of in recent years, the industry is literally booming, and it is estimated that one in seven people in North America has at least one tattoo. Through time, their popularity has been in flux, rising and falling with the evolution of fashion and social perception.

Tattooing is a practice that exists for centuries, from Greeks to Romans, to Japanese, to Maya, Inca, Aztec, Britons, Danes, Norse, Saxon. Their reasons for sporting a tattoo have widely varied as it is highlighted in ethnographic and historical texts. The tattooing methods have also progress, change and evolve from the way the ink is applied to the kind of design and what it is represented.   

No matter if it is for religious reason, for reinforcing its belonging to a specific group, for protection, as a status symbol, as permanent make-up, in conjunction with reconstructive surgery or as a means of artistic expression, tattooing is an art. Many tattoo artists have chosen a .art Domains to show that they belong to the creative class and dissociated themselves and their art from commercial mercantilism that another extension could have implied. It will also surprise no one that many good tattoo artists are also well versed in another form of artistic expression such as murals, street art, painting and more.  

Tattoo: is the name of the artwork that results from modifying the body and where the designs are realized by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments indelible into the skin’s dermis layer.

Tattoo artist for more than four years, Brazilian Mariana de Bem is mastering the arts of line, thick and thin, all in contrast, leading her work to take shape. Her inspiration comes from elements of nature and botany, as well as the female figure. She believes that each tattoo is a story told, in which feelings and design matter a great deal. She is also creating large black and white wall art and mural that echo her tattooing work.   

Her work can be appreciated on her .art website debemtatto.art or on Instagram under the handle  @marianadebemtattoo


Ali Deeran is practicing both the art of tattooing as well as piercing and this since 2010. Creating his work out of precise lines and dotwork shading his tattoos are all in form and volume. His illustrative tattoos emerged from geometric lining as well as Gothic motifs, subjects and forms.  

You can discover more about his practice on his website at alideeran.art or by looking at his work on Instagram under @alideeran  


Daniel M, a tattoo artist from Medellín, Columbia, is style includes Realism and neo-traditional tattoos. He also expresses himself with extensive details and colorful murals. To discover more about his work, you can head to kozte.art or follow him on Instagram @danielm.tattoo  


Daniil Naraev is a tattooer and artist based in Long Beach, California.   

His primary sources of inspiration are coming from figurative studies of the human body and nature. He enjoys creating pieces that show conflicts of topic, gestures and contrast of ideas. His oil paintings and graphic works are also very compelling and project smooth airy vibes compared to the crisp line of his tattoo works, still both means of expression of his creative mind!   

Visit his website daniilnaraev.art to discover more about his art-making and find him under @daniil.naraev on Instagram.  


As a tattoo artist, Skeety Johnson discovered the magic and power of tattoos. Art has a gripping presence in this life. Before debuting his apprenticeship in the tattoo world, he has made a name for himself in the graffiti and urban art world.   

To see it yourself, follow him on Instagram under @skeety_johnson, or pay his website skeetyjohnson.art  a visit.    



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