The Milestones that Preceded our 100K one!

From the beginning, .ART gained trust and attracted the interest of notable entities in the arts and beyond.

.ART journey started in 2016. Since then, .ART, the art world’s website address became evidence for anybody part of the creative industry; individuals and institutions. The members of our community are spreading worldwide with domain holders present in more than 150 countries.

“We are excited to see the steady growth of our community as we approach .ART’s 5th anniversary this year. Our team continuously strives to deliver the best practices, opportunities and innovative products for .ART’s members”
— Reikhan Kasimova, co-founder of .ART.

For the.ART team, internationally renowned adopters such as Centre Pompidou, The Guggenheim, Bank of America, Harvard University, giant tech Apple, Microsoft and Amazon or artists such Marina Abramović, Matt Kane, are as important as the not yet famous artists.  This is why.ART is committed to its fair price predict algorithm, offering fair access opportunities and ensure that desired domains go to the “right hands” in the art community.

.ART innovates, supports and empowers with solutions such as the patent holder .ART Digital Twin, is best described as a digital certificate of authenticity, enabled for any art or cultural object, or its free Website Builder enabling creative minds to get a memorable, easy to build a website. Our community also can shine through our adopter focus on our social media platforms and Share your Story initiative.

Their peers recognise our co-founders as forward-thinking and thoughtful leaders & philanthropists that want to empower the artistic community and more. Our co-founder Ulvi Kasimov has been recognised among the Top 50 Most Innovative Leaders in the Art World in 2020, while co-founder Reikhan Kasimova initiated the highly successful #FlowerForMedics charity campaign.

More amazing things are to come from the .ART team!

Many of our adopters’ projects are noteworthy. The .ART has become the home of groundbreaking initiatives within the arts and other fields, of exploration & interest in disrupting the status quo. Here are some of the innovating projects launched and about to launch across our network;

💯x is a hand-curated community of 💯+ of the world’s leading collectors and smaller collective of their favourite artists, with a fantastic signal-to-noise ratio. Very quickly it became a ‘go-to’ for the founder, Jamie Burke and its members to keep abreast of for what is going on in the fast-paced and constantly innovative NFT market.

Circa’s objectives are to support, recalibrate, illuminate and inspire. By projecting at 20:20 BST time each day, the adverts on Piccadilly Lights are thought-provoking, and its showcase of digital art is democratic and accessible. This unique and innovative platform hopes to grasp people’s attention, engage, and debate, inspiring and uniting people through art.

David Zwirner has created as a way to support his peers and artists, partners and other charitable initiatives. This stand-alone website will host online sales and other initiatives.  It draws one Zwirner leading expertise to create a global marketplace to offer art and connect with a worldwide audience of collectors.

The SOUTH SOUTH platform was conceived by Goodman Gallery as an extension to an on-going curatorial initiative established in 2015. The project has been informed and guided by a circle of gallery-led collaborators. It is many things at once; an online community, an anthology, an archive and a resource for artists, galleries, curators and collectors invested in the Global South. The platform offers a repository and a space for new, shared value systems centred on community, collaboration and exchange. It is a central portal to experience galleries’ programmes and artist profiles within and dedicated to the Global South.

Elephant is a creative-service provider to the fine-art sector. At its core it is a quarterly print magazine, producing books and videos for partner organizations. It also provides creative expertise and collaborations which can take the form of a real-time, physical performance or event, made available to a global audience via broadcast on the online platform.

Ars Electronica is an Austrian cultural, educational and scientific institute active in the field of new media art, founded in Linz in 1979. Ars Electronica’s activities focus on the interlinkages between art, technology and society. It runs an annual festival and manages a multidisciplinary media arts research and development facility known as the Futurelab.

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.ART Team
.ART Team
members are global citizens with interests ranging from art history to social justice. If we had an office cat we would have called it Basquiat.