Manifesta 12 Nomadic Biennale Has Opened In Palermo

19 Jun 2018

Manifesta 12, the European Nomadic Biennial, opened on June 16 and will run through to November 4, 2018. Visitors from all over the world are flocking to Palermo, Italy, to discover the works of emerging artists, as well as 30 commissioned pieces. The exhibitions have been styled to showcase Palermo’s most spectacular locations. The theme […]

.ART is proud to support one of Europe’s leading art schools, Rodchenko Art School, and their annual graduation exhibition. The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation will host the exhibition which opens on 22 June 2018 and runs until 10 July. Admission is free. The exhibition entitled ‘Test Group’ explores the ideas of hierarchy and structures within our […]

New York City isn’t famous for its agriculture. Yet in 1982, artist Agnes Denes cleaned up what was essentially a dumpsite before planting and harvesting a wheat field there. The land, a stone’s throw away from the site of the Twin Towers, and across the river from the Statue of Liberty, was cultivated using dirt […]

Solange’s new performance art piece “Metatronia” is an artistic interpretation of the process and mapping of creation. Аcсording to her statement, it is intended to personify the intuitive force that helps her “create space, and silence the mind to create the work”. A still from “Metatronia” video by Solange and Hammer Museum in partnership with […]

If you were wondering what you should read this weekend, our suggestion might help you make up your mind. In today’s post we’re going to direct your attention to a new book about the 50-year long creative path of one of the most prominent contemporary American artists. Disappearing Acts catalogues Bruce Nauman’s works and gives […]

Art Basel’s 49th edition has attracted an artistic selection that is immense in both volume and calibre of the works on display. We continue our report from the world’s most significant art fair and are happy to share some of its plentiful highlights. Oliver Laric, La Nymphe Salmacis, 2014 Oliver Laric’s 3D printing projects challenge […]

The much anticipated HALO Project was unveiled at Art Basel on Monday. The installation was created by Semiconductor, an art duo comprised of Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, and curated by Monica Bello of CERN (the European laboratory for particle physics). HALO is a large-scale installation detailing matter formation in the early universe. Courtesy of […]

Put together by New York-based curator Gianni Jetzer, the Unlimited Sector is Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art-show stand. The exposition includes massive sculptures and paintings, video projections, large-scale installations, and performances. Here is our selection of highlights from this year’s Unlimited. Carlos Cruz-Diez, Translucent Chromointerferent Environment, 1974 – […]

It’s difficult to believe, but of the 100 artists on 2017’s top sellers list, just 13 were women, according to BBC News research based on MutualArt’s data. In a telling coincidence, the top ranked female artist was ranked 13th on the list. Who is she? The polka dot princess, Yayoi Kusama – a Japanese artist […]

The many dimensions of Frida Kahlo and her life are now on display thanks to the Google Art and Culture online exhibition “Faces of Frida”. Google has collaborated with 33 partner museums, as well as a worldwide network of experts and collectors, in order to put the art diva’s most significant works together in the […]

An innovative art storage and display warehouse has recently been unveiled in Harlem, New York. It is claimed to be the first tax free zone within the state, allowing art collectors save substantial sums on tax. The new facility has a security system that seems to belong in an action movie and is aptly named […]

One of the most popular zoological parks in the world is opening its own Animal Art Museum on 20 June. .ART was happy to develop the website and take part in the press event dedicated to the new museum. Beijing Zoo is one of the most visited entertainment parks in the world. The Museum of […]

The painting “Portrait of a Young Gentleman” bought by a Dutch dealer Jan Six in 2016 has been authenticated as Rembrandt’s work by the world’s leading Rembrandt expert Ernst van de Wetering. The portrait of a young man with unruly brown hair, a velvet cape, a French lace collar and a frilled shirt was marketed […]

If you’re wondering what to watch this weekend, this new column on our blog is just for you. Every two weeks we’re going to recommend you quality movies about art that have received critical acclaim and withstood the test of time. The first one coming is the BBC’s documentary on history of photography. Just over […]

After incredibly turbulent few months, Andy Warhol-founded art and culture Interview magazine closed down. Since February, the company has been unceremoniously evicted from its leased premises in Soho, faced a number of lawsuits from former employees and dealt with allegations regarding employee misconduct and sexual harassment. All of that aside, Interview has had an exceptionally […]

Ilya Repin’s painting “Ivan the Terrible and his Son” was damaged at Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), when a 37-year-old man broke its glass casing and attacked it with the metal stand. His motivation was allegedly that the painting distorted historical facts. In an attempt to understand the motivations of those who vandalize art, we decided to look […]

Artists have been working with the notion of space for centuries, pushing the limits with regard to what is possible in the sphere of spatial manipulation. The three contemporary artists we want to tell about today have been creating at the intersection of genres, mixing architecture and sculpture, interior and landscape design, fine art and […]

General Public headed by the actress and philanthropist Portia de Rossi is an innovative art publishing company that curates works by professional artists from around the globe. With the help of 3-D technologies, they print copies of paintings with the same dimensions and textures as the original. The copies are said to closely mimic even […]

The Marina Abramovic Institute will now allow public participants to attend the artist’s legendary “Cleaning the House” workshop. The first open educational program is going to take place in August in Greece and about to gather those who want to experience the renown performance artist’s techniques in person.  Despite the public availability, limited places and high cost of the […]

Once a masterpiece is created, a powerful force starts taking it over, and this force is called time. Luckily, there are those whose massive daily work is dedicated to preserving art for the forthcoming generations. Diana A. Tay is a specialist in art conservation from Australia, and an early .ART adopter. We were lucky enough […]

Keith Haring’s impact on the art world and society as a whole is undeniable. He exploded onto the New York art scene in the 1980s and quickly became known and loved throughout the world for his unique style, powerful messages, and commitment to public works. We missed Keith Haring’s 60th birthday on the 4th of […]

Dragana Jurisic is an acclaimed photographer based in Dublin. Her Instagram, which has amassed close to 9,000 followers, was temporarily shut down after she posted a revealing photo of herself. This is yet another example of the ongoing battle between the social media giants and artists around the world regarding the ad hoc application of […]

Internet art, also known as net art, was conceived in the 90s when various artists realized the potential for internet sites to reach a global audience. It became a medium for artists to create art using the internet itself as a tool in the project, as opposed to just a means for its display and […]

One year ago .ART domain names became available for the community of creatives around the world. We’re happy to celebrate our first birthday with you! .ART is a united digital platform for the people of art. More than 26,000 of your creative peers have already joined us. From May 10 to May 20 you can […]

The Tbilisi Art Fair (TAF) will run from 17 – 20 May at the EXPOGEORGIA Exhibition Center in Tbilisi, Georgia. .ART’s partners and friends at TAF have arranged a contemporary visual arts fair with a difference. Like many fairs, TAF is designed to facilitate collaborations and to match buyers with artists and institutions. Unlike many […]

The reasons not to enter art competitions are manifold: the cost of materials and time, stress, energy, and entry fees (particularly when the prize is ambiguously phrased as “promotion”). Nonetheless, entering art competitions can be incredibly valuable, even if you don’t win, and here’s why.   It Can Be a Learning Curve  Competitions often place restrictions […]

Prominent Russian art group AES+F is about to open their first survey exhibition at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Genève, Switzerland. The exposition, which opens on May 17, will display all of the group’s major works for the past ten years – including video installations, digital collages, sculptures, and paintings. AES+F are longtime friends […]

.ART’s creative contest has come to an end, and we’re happy to announce the winners: We’ll contact you shortly to hand in your brand new .ART domains! Thanks a lot to all of you who participated. Don’t cease to inspire and motivate us with your beautiful and diverse creativity! More contests to […]

Show us your best art works in a Facebook or Instagram post and tag @artdomains Win a .ART domain name of your choice (up to a $1000 value). We can’t wait to see your creativity! 1. Tag @artdomains in a post on Facebook or Instagram 2. Subscribe to our Instagram account OR like our Facebook […]

You’re British, love shellfish and art? You’ve got a unique chance to become an owner of a Salvador Dali’s masterpiece. We’re talking about “Lobster Telephone (White Aphrodisiac)” that is currently on sale in Britain. The price of the object is £853,047 (plus VAT of £29,000). Right now it’s banned from export, as British officials want […]

This year’s Coachella has been incredible not only due to Beyonce’s tremendous show. The festival’s venue in Indio, California, was decorated with amazing large-scale art installations that boosted likes on thousands of Instagram accounts. Both established and rising artists created works re-shaping the deserted landscape and bringing you to the edge of surreal. Give a […]

Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has launched a brand new internet site on .ART top-level domain. New website features include improved usability, cross-links to popular articles and the most visited sections, up-to-date mobile friendly design, sections “Media” and “Science and Education”, and a version for visually impaired people. The museum also plans to release a […]

The Manezh Сentral Exhibition hall is about to host 8 major expositions of photographers from different countries and epochs during the Moscow Photobiennale 2018 . .ART supports Russia’s most significant photography festival as an innovation partner. Once in two years Moscow shows off the world’s most noticeable contemporary photography at The International Photobiennale. The current event will continue from February to September. […]

.ART’s delegation has returned from the big road show in China. The tour included seven major cities and aimed to establish connections with both local domain registrars and highlights of the art community. .ART’s Executive Director Ekaterina Kozlova shared with us some details of the trip and its results. The .ART domain name registry obtained […]

Kendrick Lamar is at the center of a copyright scandal for his music video “All The Stars.” A young British-Liberian artist named Lina Iris Viktor has filed a case against the singer and his team for using artistic ideas and styles from her series “Constellation.” Just compare Viktor’s image Constellation 1 (top) to a still […]

Facebook has recently come under fire due to the fuss about mining user data and shattering the credibility of the world’s most widely used social network. Data from 50 million personal accounts was allegedly used to influence Brexit and the American presidential election. But did you know that you surrender your intellectual property rights when […]

Computers beat people at chess, diagnose illnesses, operate vehicles, and are preparing to automate lots of human labor. Will they also take over art? Time will tell what happens in the long term, but here’s what’s happening now. Google’s Trippy AI Paintings DeepDream is a computer vision program by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev. It uses […]

Even renowned artists sometimes need help paying the bills. Composer Philip Glass moonlighted as a plumber, poet T.S. Elliot was a bank clerk at Lloyds Bank, and Franz Kafka worked for an insurance company. Contemporary artist David Salle says that a young painter in the 1970s could hardly support himself with art. When someone was […]

Want to have some fun, test your knowledge and get a gift for it? Follow these steps to receive a 10% discount on the .ART domain of your dreams! By joining .ART you will join the international community of art professionals and lovers. Study the picture and vote for who you think the artist is. […]

Sometimes we discover the most incredible stories about .ART members and we just can’t help sharing them with you. Barbara Rachko learned to fly a plane at 25, worked as a domestic airline pilot, then served as a Navy commander – and retired to become a full-time painter. She lost her husband to the 9/11 […]

New York’s Metropolitan Museum has uploaded its collection online under its Open Access Initiative. More than 400,000 high-res images of public domain artwork are available for download now. Any professional or amateur artist can repurpose them for their own designs and creative experiments. You don’t even have to ask permission. The Met’s undertaking is one […]

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