Success stories – Andrea Monzini, emerging artist (Italy)

22 Jun 2017

As the .ART community grows in size and more new domain names become projects, we would like to launch a series of .ART success stories, which will let us explore who are the people buying .ART.


13 Jun 2017

Le multimillionnaire russe Ulvi Kasimov, serial entrepreneur et amateur d’art s’est offert l’extension de domaine .art pour la bagatelle de 25 millions de dollars. Nous l’avons rencontré à Londres.

Die neue Top-Level-Domain .ART verspricht im Internet Exklusivitat fur die Kunstwelt. Setzt sie sich durch?

Cela commence a se repandre comme une trainee de poudre.

Depuis le 10 mai, l’extension de nom de do- maine .art est accessible à tous.

.ART has been joined by Amazon, Walmart, Gagosian Gallery, Palazzo Strozzi, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Swatch Group…

Since the launch of .ART General Availability (GA) on 10th May, the museum community on the art world’s exclusive domain has multiplied registering about 50 new names.

Rolls-Royce and Fondation Louis Vuitton joined .ART, the art world’s exclusive web domain, following .ART opening to general public on May 10th.

Domain Name Wire

Here are some interesting observations about the .art top level domain.

Domein Naam

On the first day of free registration, nearly 3,000 .art domain names were recorded.


Interlink. Co., LTD, started accepting general registration of the new gTLD “.art” at the domain acquisition service “Gombe Domain”.

London, 11 May. On May 10th at 3PM BST .ART, the art world’s exclusive web domain, launched on 7th December 2016, entered its General Availability period (GA), opening the registry to the public.

Op de eerste dag van vrije registratie werden bijna 3.000 .art-domeinnamen vastgelegd.

London, 10th May .ART, the art world’s exclusive web domain, launched on 7th December 2016, goes into its General Availability (GA).

A domain name is an identification string that can be your personal permanent identifier on the internet.

April 21st marked the 9th edition of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference, which pairs seven leading artists with seven visionary technologists, and challenges them to make something new — an artwork, a prototype, whatever they imagine.

.ART aspires to be much more than just another domain name – a digital platform for the art world. Our list of adopters speaks for itself. Such well known institutions and individuals as Guggenheim, Tate, Centre Pompidou, Louvre and Olafur Eliasson have joined .ART right after its conception.


By investing in the domain, .art, Ulvi Kasimov hopes to bring digital order to a market that can suffer from mystery, forgery, and an aversion to new technological tools.

No matter what your creative personality, you can now join .ART’s early adopters.

Fineart Connoisseur

The 1990s were considered the (dot)COM age, but are we about to move into the (dot)ART age?

Arts Life

First in the industry to actually draw his artistic mark on the network, introducing


Help take over the internet’s new art world real estate.

Art News

Rhizome ‘Seven on Seven’ Lineup Includes Olia Lialina, DIS, Constant Dullaart.

Perspective Global

Set to launch its public access phase in May, .ART is the new internet domain for the creative industry.


What do Banksy, Beyoncé and The Guggenheim all have in common? The .Art domain name.

Style by Asia

.ART – The New Domain Uniting The Arts Community!

HK Silicon

Designed for the art world! The new .ART domain name is open for registration in May.

HK IT News

.ART is the world’s first international art community dedicated domain name.

Enterprise Innovation

The new network domain name .ART, an innovative art digital platform.

Wide Walls

The world’s most creative address – The story behind .ART domain.

Hamptons Art Hub

The Art World Gets an Internet Address of its Own with .art.


E-flux, recently announced the creation of a new Internet domain pertaining specifically to art-related online resources.

Art Space

Is e-flux the Gatekeeper of the Virtual Art World?


The .ART domain is born for art websites, with an identity created by Interbrand.


Art has new domain and a new platform called .ART.


In the spring of 2016 UK Creative Ideas Ltd became the headquarters of the new .Art domain.

Oci Magazine.

.ART is the first Internet domain created for the international community of art and culture.

HK IT Blog

Designed for the art world! The new .ART domain name is open for registration in May.

The Guardian

Arts institutions now have the option of a new internet suffix.

Design Week

5 important things that happened in design this week.

Brand Channel

The Heart of .ART – Giving the Art World a Digital Home All Its Own.

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