Salvador Dali's Lobster Phone Goes for Sale in London

23 Apr 2018

You’re British, love shellfish and art? You’ve got a unique chance to become an owner of a Salvador Dali’s masterpiece. We’re talking about “Lobster Telephone (White Aphrodisiac)” that is currently on sale in Britain. The price of the object is £853,047 (plus VAT of £29,000). Right now it’s banned from export, as British officials want […]

This year’s Coachella has been incredible not only due to Beyonce’s tremendous show. The festival’s venue in Indio, California, was decorated with amazing large-scale art installations that boosted likes on thousands of Instagram accounts. Both established and rising artists created works re-shaping the deserted landscape and bringing you to the edge of surreal. Give a […]

Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has launched a brand new internet site on .ART top-level domain. New website features include improved usability, cross-links to popular articles and the most visited sections, up-to-date mobile friendly design, sections “Media” and “Science and Education”, and a version for visually impaired people. The museum also plans to release a […]

The Manezh Сentral Exhibition hall is about to host 8 major expositions of photographers from different countries and epochs during the Moscow Photobiennale 2018 . .ART supports Russia’s most significant photography festival as an innovation partner. Once in two years Moscow shows off the world’s most noticeable contemporary photography at The International Photobiennale. The current event will continue from February to September. […]

.ART’s delegation has returned from the big road show in China. The tour included seven major cities and aimed to establish connections with both local domain registrars and highlights of the art community. .ART’s Executive Director Ekaterina Kozlova shared with us some details of the trip and its results. The .ART domain name registry obtained […]

Kendrick Lamar is at the center of a copyright scandal for his music video “All The Stars.” A young British-Liberian artist named Lina Iris Viktor has filed a case against the singer and his team for using artistic ideas and styles from her series “Constellation.” Just compare Viktor’s image Constellation 1 (top) to a still […]

Saudi Arabia strives to diversify its economy and enhance its cultural standing in the world. As a part of this process, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran and National Geographic will promote Saudi Arabia as the capital of entertainment and creativity in the Middle East. The big news is that Sara Firtzmaurice, […]

Facebook has recently come under fire due to the fuss about mining user data and shattering the credibility of the world’s most widely used social network. Data from 50 million personal accounts was allegedly used to influence Brexit and the American presidential election. But did you know that you surrender your intellectual property rights when […]

Computers beat people at chess, diagnose illnesses, operate vehicles, and are preparing to automate lots of human labor. Will they also take over art? Time will tell what happens in the long term, but here’s what’s happening now. Google’s Trippy AI Paintings DeepDream is a computer vision program by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev. It uses […]

Even renowned artists sometimes need help paying the bills. Composer Philip Glass moonlighted as a plumber, poet T.S. Elliot was a bank clerk at Lloyds Bank, and Franz Kafka worked for an insurance company. Contemporary artist David Salle says that a young painter in the 1970s could hardly support himself with art. When someone was […]

Want to have some fun, test your knowledge and get a gift for it? Follow these steps to receive a 10% discount on the .ART domain of your dreams! By joining .ART you will join the international community of art professionals and lovers. Study the picture and vote for who you think the artist is. […]

Sometimes we discover the most incredible stories about .ART members and we just can’t help sharing them with you. Barbara Rachko learned to fly a plane at 25, worked as a domestic airline pilot, then served as a Navy commander – and retired to become a full-time painter. She lost her husband to the 9/11 […]

New York’s Metropolitan Museum has uploaded its collection online under its Open Access Initiative. More than 400,000 high-res images of public domain artwork are available for download now. Any professional or amateur artist can repurpose them for their own designs and creative experiments. You don’t even have to ask permission. The Met’s undertaking is one […]

The art market is booming, and two major London auction houses are proving it with their unprecedented sales this month. Auction house Phillips set a new record earlier this month, generating £108.4 million over the course of two days. The highest-selling lot, Pablo Picasso’s “Sleeping” (1932) sold for £37 million. Five collectors fought over the […]

Fashion brand collaborations with artists are usually win-win when it comes to marketing and garment aesthetics. But there are many examples of fashion brands using artist work without permission or paying royalties. Street art and graffiti are still perceived as illegal and unprotected by law, yet the artistic process should be neutral in terms of […]

Street art is often thought to have little to do with fine art or high fashion. Its displays are usually found on the sides of water towers or decrepit buildings. What could these images possibly have in common with art on display in a museum? In subject matter, style, and approach, the disciplines have little […]

You may find this story amusing, but it unfortunately demonstrates that there’s not much safe space for self-expression on the internet today. Unlike many social networks that don’t distinguish artistic nudity from inappropriate content, .ART will never censor your site.

art domain

  We’ve launched our new website and are excited to introduce you to our new look. Our web storefront, located at Get.ART, sends a clear message of what we stand for and where our values are when we when develop, deliver, and maintain new products for a worldwide art community. The website is of clean, […]

Get a clear picture of cloud services and internet infrastructure with us at CloudFest 2018 We’re excited to announce that the .ART team will attend CloudFest 2018 from March 10-16 in Rust, Germany. CloudFest is the world’s largest cloud festival, where over 6,500 attendees, 200 exhibitors, and 250 speakers come together to understand how digital technologies […]

23 Jan 2018 (London, UK) – .ART is delighted to announce that it has received an official approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) of the People’s Republic of China for operating the .ART domain name registry within the country. This approval now allows all Chinese online users to build websites using […]

We proudly presented the domain name to the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat. It is a great honor for .ART to work with Jerusalem’s community: an internationally famous landmark and cultural center of global importance. The city’s art and archeological museums are among the most highly rated and respected in the world. An unparalleled mixture of culture, religion, art, […]

Purpose of the .ART premium names strategy First, .ART set its standard domain price fairly low, $9. That was done to provide affordable names to the art community. Not surprisingly, over 30% of the .ART registrations to date are of the first-name—last-name type or some version of that. One would expect that where artists are […]

Interesting facts about domain industry and art in the digital era

Helena Real

Head of .ART London Office will explain why the art industries should be changing their websites ending with .COM to .ART

SIliconrepublic reviews the growing trend of art players figuring out the opportunities that lie in the digital realm.


9 Oct 2017

Missed Frieze? Don’t worry. Here’s all you need to catch up. Five articles and three Instagram accounts to look at in case you weren’t in London for the 15th edition of Frieze Week.

Five hotels that will let you immerse yourself in the arts without turning off holiday mode.

This past weekend the Street Art Museum of Saint Petersburg hosted its first modern art fair – Sam Fair, which featured artist carefully selected by the organisers. They could exhibit for free on just one condition: their work had to be priced between as little as 500 rubles and 30 000 rubles.

With the nearing of London Frieze we decided to take a look at less known emerging art fairs, which might be a better fit for smaller collections looking to expand.

Articheck, an “electronic passport” for works of art, was named the winner of the Digital Innovation in Art prize in London last night (27 September), at the Investors Allstar Awards, the “Oscars” of the European venture capital industry.

(28 September, 2017, London) Articheck, an “electronic passport” for works of art, was the winner of the award for Digital Innovation in Art

Art is everywhere, everyone is an artist.

Earlier this year New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that it released high-resolution imagery of all its public-domain works (over 375,000 in total). And now it’s paying off!

Looking back at an excellent article that overviews the interaction between arts and business, talks about Burberry and references Rumi.

Famous couples, their divorces and involved art. |.ART

While the world is wondering how the famous Russian power couple Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova will divide their assets, let’s have a look at some examples of art collections involved in division of assets from the past.

Yesterday would have been Andy Warhol’s 89th Birthday. To honor this day, we remind you of his less famous endeavors.

With the latest addition of Brad Pitt and Adrien Brody, it’s quite a list.

French police are trying to track down the owners of hundreds of works of art stolen by a compulsive thief who went on a twenty-year stealing spree in hotels, museums, shops and galleries across France.

The world’s leading IT giants – Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft – purchased dozens of .ART domain names

On July 20th the artist’s body will be exhumed from its elaborate tomb in his hometown of Figueres, Spain to prove (or not) that he had a daughter. Could this get more surreal?

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